H.R. Morss & Co., Inc.
North Attleboro, MA  c. 1930-1940
Makers of sterling flatware and baby items.  
flatware patterns.
William V. Moore / W.V. Moore & Co.
Mobile, AL  1854-1860
Silversmith and jeweler.
Jared L. Moore
New York, NY  1823-1845
In the partnerships of Moore & Brewer with Charles Brewer
1823-1824 then later Jared L. Moore & Co. with Charles
Brewer and Francis Brown c. 1837-1850.
Charles Moore
Philadelphia, PA  c. 1800-1809
In the firm of Moore & Ferguson c. 1801-1804.
John C. Moore / John C. Moore & Son
New York, NY  1832-1864  
A partner in the firm of Moore & Brown with Thomas Brown
1832-1834 then in the firm of Eoff & Moore with Garret Eoff
in 1835.  Took his son Edward Chandler Moore on as partner
in and became known as John C. Moore & Son 1849-1864;   
John C. Moore stepped down in the latter years, and Edward
took over.  Beginning in 1851, the Moore firm produced
exclusively for Tiffany & Co.  In 1868, Tiffany purchased the company, raising Tiffany's status from being a
silver retailer to a silver manufacturer.  Edward C. Moore headed up Tiffany's silver department and was
their chief designer until his death in 1891.
Moore & Ferguson
Philadelphia, PA  c. 1801-1804
Moore & Hofmann
Newark, NJ  c. 1921-1925
Successor to Schmitz, Moore & Co.
Martin Moses
Somers, NY 1815-1818; Lenox, MA 1818-1849; and
Peekskill, NY 1850-1880
E. Morgan & Son
Poughkeepsie, NY  1832-1836  
Elijah Morgan and son William S. Morgan.
Barnet Moss
Richmond, VA 1812-1824; Tappahannock, VA 1831-1839;
and Warrenton, VA 1839-1841
Was in the partnership of B. Moss & Son with son Charles B. Moss in 1839.
Morse & Moseley
Albany, NY  c. 1823
James Harvey Morse
Westfield, MA  1849-1894
Jacob Moses
Savannah, GA  1768-1785  
Was in the partnership of Sime & Moses with William Sime 1768-1769.
Alexander C. Morin
Philadelphia, PA  1813-1824
Jordan Mott  (b. 1768  d. 1840)
New York, NY  1789-1836  
In the partnerships of Mott & Morrell 1804-1809 and J.S. & J. Mott with his
brother James S. Mott 1831-1834.  Silversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker.
James Stryker Mott
New York, NY  1825-1845
Mott & Morrell
New York, NY  c. 1804-1809  
Jordan Mott and Jacob Morrell.
New York, NY  
Mark may have been used by any of the following:
Jordan Mott 1789-1836
James S. Mott 1825-1845
Josiah C. Mott 1838-1849
William Mott, Jr. 1838-1839
James S. & J. Mott 1831-1834
J.H. & Jordan Mott, Jr. 1835-1836
William & Josiah Mott 1836-1842
Mott Brothers 1840-1856
Moore to Mott
Michael C. Motch
Covington, KY  1857-1899
James Morrow
Mt. Sterling, KY  1824-1825
Elijah Morgan, Jr.
Poughkeepsie, NY  1805-1836
In partnerships of Sadd & Morgan 1805-1806; Morgan &
Cook with Harry Cook 1806-1807; Morgan & Kennedy
in 1807; and E. Morgan & Son with William S. Morgan 1832-1836.
William S. Morgan
Poughkeepsie, NY  1832-1847 and 1851-1881;
New Orleans, LA  1847-1850
Silversmith and jeweler.  Was in the partnership of E. Morgan & Son with his
father Elijah Morgan, Jr. 1832-1836.
Stephen Morse
Gloucester, MA 1763-1771; Portsmouth, NH 1771-1791; Concord, NH
1791-1795; Boston, MA 1796; and Deerfield, NH  c. 1800
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Nathaniel Morse (Mors)
Boston, MA  c. 1710-1748
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John Morin
Philadelphia, PA  1808-c. 1832
Moore to Mott