Enoch Hoyt Nutter / E. H. Nutter & Co.
Dover, NH  1826-1871  
Silversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker.
Was in the partnership of E.H. Nutter & Co. 1846-1871.
Falick Novick
Chicago, IL  1909-1957  
Maker of handwrought Arts & Crafts copper and silver bowls and some flatware.
William Nost Co.
New York, NY  c. 1912-1920s  
Founded by William Nost.  Makers of sterling holloware.
Norton & Seymour / Norton, Seymour & Co.
Syracuse, NY  
The partnership of Norton & Seymour consisted of
Benjamin R. Norton and Joseph Seymour and operated
1849-1854.  David Hotchkiss was added as a partner,
changing the name to Norton, Seymour & Co. 1854-1857.
Nussbaum & Hunold
Providence, RI  1903-1920  
Founded by Benjamin Nussbaum, Joseph Nussbaum, and Walter Hunold.  
Manufacturers of sterling novelties and jewelry.
Thomas Nowlan
Petersburg, VA  1848-1862 and Richmond, VA 1865-1897  
Was in the partnerships of Nowlan & Berry 1853-1854; Nowlan &
Young with James T. Young 1853-1854, and Nowlan & Co. 1866-1897
(Nowland & Co. continued in business until 1926).  
Frederick Nusz
Frederick, MD  1818-1842
Beverly Noel
Frankfort, KY c. 1826 and Louisville, KY c. 1838
Norton & Freeman
East Hartford, CT  c. 1820-1830
David Northee (Northey)
Salem, MA  c. 1730-1778
Nehemiah Norcross
Boston, MA  1796-1800
Abijah Northey
Salem, MA  c. 1770-c. 1798
J.H. Norton
Hartford, CT  c. 1820-1830
Noel to Nye
Noel to Nye
Norbert Mfg. Co.
New York, NY  c. 1950
Northwestern Silver Ware Manufacturing Co.
Chicago, IL  c. 1865-1871
Benjamin R. Norton
Palmyra, NY c. 1841-1842 and Syracuse, NY c. 1844-1859
Norton was a partner in a number of businesses:
Hotchkiss & Norton with David Hotchkiss 1841-1849.
Norton & Seymour with Joseph Seymour 1849-1854.
Norton, Seymour & Co. with Joseph Seymour and David Hotchkiss 1854-1857.
B.R. Norton & Co. 1844-1849.
John Noyes
Boston, MA  1695-1715
Stuart Nye Silver Shop
Asheville, NC  1933-Present  
Founded by Stuart Nye.  Ralph and Annie Morris joined the business in 1947, and Nye
retired in 1948.  Currently owned by Ralph D. Morris, Jr.  
1868 Northwestern Silver Ware Mfg. Co. Advertisement
Theodore Noel
Frankfort, KY c. 1830 and/or Memphis, TN 1849-1878
Several references cite a Theodore Noel working in Frankfort, KY, around
1830 and a Theodore Noel working in Memphis, TN, 1849-1860.  These
references state this may or may not be the same person.
Martin Noxon
Edenton, NC  1800-1814
Morillo Noyes
Burlington, VT  1844-1878
Was in the partnership os Vilas & Noyes with William R. Vilas 1844-1848
and then M. Noyes & Co. with Horation and Julius M. Noyes 1848-1855.
Nowlan & Young
Petersburg, VA  1853-1854
Thomas Nowland and James Thomas Young.
Jewelers and silversmiths.
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William Burnham North / W.B. North & Co.
New Britain, CT c. 1820-1838 and
New York, NY 1820-1826 (concurrently)   
Went by W.B. North & Co. 1822-1826.  Was in the partnership of
North & Churchill with William A. Churchill 1831-1838.