Frank Patania, Sr. / Thunderbird Shop
Santa Fe, NM and Tucson, AZ  1927-1964  
Highly acclaimed Italian born silversmith who, with his brother Carmelo
Patania, opened the Thunderbird Shop in Santa Fe, NM in 1927.  The Tucson,
AZ, store was added in 1937.  Well known for Native American style jewelry, Frank
Patania also made boxes and small items along with some flatware.
Greg Pauline
Cedar Ridge, CA  1985-Present  
Maker of western belt buckles and small items.  
Paye & Baker Manufacturing Co.
Providence, RI 1901-1903 and North Attleboro, MA 1903-c. 1960  
Charles Paye and Frank Baker.  Successors to Simmons & Paye.  
Makers of a small line of sterling flatware, holloware, novelty items
and souvenir spoons.  Flatware production ceased c. 1920.  
flatware patterns.
G.W. Parks Company
Providence, RI  1909-1915
Successor to the Hayden Mfg. Co.  Their maker's mark for sterling items is an
anchor.  The anchor with the Hope Silver Co. marking as shown to the right is the
trade name for their line of silverplate goods.
Parry & Musgrave
Philadelphia, PA  1792-1795
Rowland Perry and James Musgrave.
Samuel Patania
Tucson, AZ  1979-Present  
Grandson of Frank Patania, Sr., he renamed the Thunderbird Shop in 1996 to Patania's
Sterling Silver Originals.  Primarily makes jewelry.  
Samuel Parmelee (Parmele)
Guilford, CT  c. 1757-c. 1775  
Reached the rank of captain while serving in the Revolutionary War.
Philip Paval
Los Angeles, CA  c. 1925-1971  
Handwrought jewelry, holloware, and miscellaneous items done in the modernist style.
Carmelo "Pat" Patania
Santa Fe, NM and Tucson, AZ 1927-1979   
Trained by his brother Frank Patania, Sr., together the two opened the Thunderbird
Shop.  Carmelo left to open the Kachina Shop in 1959 which he operated until his
retirement in 1979.
Frank Patania, Jr.
Santa Fe, NM  1956-Present  
Trained by Frank Patania, Sr., he went to work with him in the Thunderbird Shop
and continued to operate the shop after his father's death in 1964.  Opened the
Frank Patania Store in Santa Fe, NM.  Maker of a wide array of silver items,
including jewelry, flatware, boxes, and ecclesiastic items.
Parks Bros. & Rogers
Providence, RI  1891-1930  
Founded by George W. Parks, William C. Parks, and Everett I. Rogers.  A jewelry
manufacturer, best known for their cufflinks; also made small sterling novelty items.  
Park Sherman
Springfield, IL  1932-1960  
Founded by Jacob Sherman as a torch and carbide miner's lamp
manufacturer.  Makers of smoking and desk accessories and a wide array
of articles in a variety of metals, including sterling and gold.   Acquired by
Ketcham & McDougall in 1960, the company was moved to Murfreesboro, TN and the name was
changed to Park Industries.
Rowland Parry
Philadelphia, PA  c. 1792-1796  
Was a partner in the firm of Parry & Musgrave 1792-1795.
James Parker
San Diego, CA  c. 1945-1980s
Martin Parry
Kittery, ME c. 1775 and Portsmouth, NH 1780-1795
Charles Parkman
Boston, MA  c. 1790-1821
Park to Paye
Park to Paye
John J. Parry
Philadelphia, PA  1793-1835
F.W. Parris Silver Co.
Boston, MA  c. 1915-c. 1935
Daniel Parker
Boston, MA c. 1748-1775
John W. Paxton
Danville, VA  1814-1865  
Was in the partnership of J.W. Paxton & Son with his son
Daniel J. Paxton 1854-1865.  Upon John Paxton's death in
1865, another son, William C. Paxton, joined the firm; the
name was changed at that time to J.W. Paxton & Sons and continued until 1886.
J.W. Paxton & Son
Danville, VA  1854-1865
John W. Paxton and his son Daniel James Paxton.
Chester Parmenter
Rutland, VT  1871-1875
Was a partner in the firm of Bailey & Parmenter with Bradbury
Melon Bailey 1871-1875.
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Thomas Parkman
Boston, MA  c. 1793
George D. Parks
Cincinnati, OH  1855-1866
Pat Jane
See York Silver Co.     
Alexander Paxton
Pittsburgh, PA, 1811; Steubenville, OH 1813; and
Wheeling, WV 1825-1874  
Silversmith and clockmaker.