William Whitman Peabody
Amesbury, MA  c. 1890-1930s  
Owned the Peabody Craft Shop and worked as a silversmith for
George Gebelein in Boston.  Member of the Boston Society of
Arts & Crafts.  Maker of sterling Arts & Crafts handwrought flatware.
Pear & Bacall
Boston, MA  1848-1875  
Partnership between Edward Pear and Thomas Bacall.
Moses Pearson
Portland, ME  c. 1850-1892
In partnership with Thomas Pearson c. 1856 as M. & T. Pearson.
Pelletreau, Bennett & Cook
New York, NY  1826-1828  
Maltby Pelletreau, John Bennett and D.C. Cook.
Pelletreau & Upson
Southampton, NY  c. 1824  
Maltby Pelletreau & Stephen Upson.
Walter Pearce / Walter Pearce & Co.
Norfolk, VA 1831-1842 and Mobile, AL 1844-1867
Worked as a bookkeeper for another jeweler in
Mobile 1855-1859 and was presumably not working
on his own during this time.  Was in the partnership
of Walter Pearce & Co. 1859-1867.
Emmet T. Pell
New York, NY  1824-1841
A.G. Peck
Ashtabula, OH  1823
Maltby Pelletreau
New York, NY  1813-1840  
In the partnerships of Clark & Pelletreau c. 1819;
Pelletreau & Upson c. 1824; and Pelletreau, Bennett &
Cook with John Bennett and D.C. Cook 1826-1828.
Ronald Hayes Pearson
Rochester, NY c. 1950-1971 and Deer Isle, ME 1971-1997  
One of the founders of Shop One in Rochester (in business 1952-1976).  
Founded Ronald Hayes Pearson Design Studio in Maine in 1971; Pearson
died in 1997, and the Studio continued into the 2010s.  Maker of handwrought
modernist jewelry, accessories, sculpture and ecclesiastic items.
Benjamin Peck
Providence, RI  c. 1823-1843
Silversmith and jeweler.
John M. Peddinghaus
Colchester, CT c. 1835-1865 and Marietta, OH 1866
Hart Pearce
New York, NY  c. 1833-1835
John Gann Pearson / J.G. Pearson & Co.
Newburyport, MA  1849-c. 1880
Was in the partnership of J.G. Pearson & Co. c. 1849-1851.
John Peirce (Pierce)
Boston, MA  1809-1816
Peabody to Pelletreau
Peabody to Pelletreau
F.T. Pearce Co.
Providence, RI  1888-1918  
Founded by Frank T. Pearce.  Successor to Pearce & Hoagland.  Manufacturer
of pens and related items.
M. & T. Pearson
Portland, ME  c. 1820  
Brothers Moses and Thomas Peason.
Pear & Brother
Boston, MA  1866-1913
Founded by Thomas and William B. Pear.
William Pearman
Williamsburg, VA 1812-1825 and Richmond, VA 1827-1837
Silversmith and watchmaker.
John Peabody
Fayetteville, NC 1823-1836 and Nashville, TN 1836-1850
Was involved in a number of partnerships:
Peabody & Champbell with John Campbell 1836-1837.
Peabody & Guiteau with Calvin Guiteau 1839-1843.
Gowdey & Peabody with Thomas Gowdey 1843-1847.
Lorna Pearson-Watson
Alfred, NY and Durham, NH   1950s-1970s
Elias Pelletreau
New York, NY  1747-1750; Southampton, NY 1750-1776 and again
1782-1810; Simsbury, CT 1776-1780; Saybrook, CT 1780-1782
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William S. Pelletreau
Southampton, NY c. 1815 and New York, NY  c. 1815-1825  
Was in partnerships of Pelletreau & Van Wyck with
Stephen Van Wyck in New York, NY c. 1815 and later
Pelletreau & Richards with Thomas Richards c. 1825.