Henry J. Pepper
Wilmington, DE 1813-1826 and Philadelphia, PA 1826-1853
In the partnerships of Stockman & Pepper 1828-1831
and H.J. Pepper & Son 1846-1853.
H.J. Pepper & Son
Wilmington, DE  1846-1853  
Henry J. Pepper and son Samuel W. Pepper.
Peter Perraux
Philadelphia, PA  c. 1797
James Peters / James Peters & Co.
Philadelphia, PA  1813-1850  
In the partnership of Peters & Stockman
with Jacob Stockman 1817-1819.
Went by the firm name of J. Peters & Co.
Thomas Perry
Westerly, RI  1828-1861  
Silversmith, jeweler and watchmaker.
Matthew Pettit  (Petit)
New York, NY  1811
Carl Poul Petersen / C.P. Petersen & Sons
Montreal, QU, Canada  1944-1979  
After working for Georg Jensen and Henry Birks & Sons, Petersen set
up his own shop in 1944, registering the name C.P. Petersen & Sons in
1946.  Peterson retired in 1975, and the company continued until 1979.
J. Penfield & Co.
Savannah, GA  1820-1828  
A partnership between Josiah Penfield  and Frederick Marquand.
Josiah Penfield
Savannah, GA  1810-1828  
Apprentice to his uncle Isaac Marquand c. 1800.  Became a partner of
the firm of Marquand & Paulding in 1810, renaming it to Marquand,
Paulding & Penfield with Isaac Marquand and Cornelius Paulding until its dissolution in 1815.  Was in the
partnership of Penfield & Co. 1820-1828.  
Sylvester Pence
Halifax Co., VA 1842-1850 and Lynchburg, VA 1870-1880
T. Perkins
Boston, MA  c. 1810
John Pontus Petterson / The Petterson Studios
Chicago, IL  1912-1949
A former Jarvie Shop assistant and Tiffany & Co.
silversmith, Petterson founded The Petterson Studio
in 1912 at his home workshop.  The name was changed
to The Petterson Studios when he moved to a more formal workshop in 1915.  The shop
was closed in 1919 and Petterson continued working under his own name.  The TPS mark
on the lower right was used after about 1915.
Asa Carter Pelton
Great Barrington, MA  c. 1840-1880
D.C. Percival & Co.
Boston, MA  1876-1956
Founded by David C. Percival.  Successor to Percival & Morris (see D.C.
Percival Jr. & Co. below).  Primarily manufacturing jewelers.  Sterling thimbles
bearing their P mark were made for them by the Waite-Thresher Co.
Peter G. Perdriaux
Philadelphia, PA  1856-1865
James Peters & Co. 1845 Ad
1891 D.C. Percival & Co. Ad
Joseph Perkins
South Kingston, RI  1770-1789
Pelton to Petzal
D.C. Percival Jr. & Co.
Boston, MA  1864-1872  
David C. Percival with partners Daniel Morris and Henry T. Salisbury.
Succeeded by Percival & Morris when Salisbury retired in 1872.
Henry Petzal
La Jolla, CA  1957-1990s
Houghton Perkins
Boston, MA  c. 1757-1770 and Taunton, MA  1772-1776
Isaac Perkins
Boston, MA  c. 1730-1737
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Scarborough Pentecost
Henderson, KY 1819-1822 and 1824-1830;
Evansville, IN  1822-1823; and Mt. Vernon, IN 1830+
Silversmith, clock, and watchmaker.
Samuel W. Pepper
Philadelphia, PA 1846-1854 and 1855-1862; Dover, DE 1854-1855  
In the partnership of H.J. Pepper & Son 1846-1853.
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Pelton to Petzal
E.P. Pettes
Boston and Suffolk, MA  c. 1833-1838
Jacob Perkins
Newburyport, MA 1783-c. 1816 and Philadelphia, PA 1816
Perkins was an apprentice to Elias Davis and inherited his business in 1783.