W.L. & H.E. Pitkin
Hartford, CT  1863-1894  
Partnership between William Leonard Pitkin and Horace Edward Pitkin.  
The business was sold to the Eagle Sterling Co.
Benjamin Pitman  (b. 1800  d. 1886)
New Bedford, MA  c. 1825-1877
William Leonard Pitkin
Hartford, CT  1854-1894
Was in the partnership of W.L. & H.E. Pitkin 1863-1894.
Walter M. Pitkin
Hartford, CT  c. 1825-1859  
Silversmith and jeweler.  In the partnership of J.O. & W. Pitkin with
his brother John O. Pitkin 1829-1836.
J.O. & W. Pitkin
East Hartford, CT 1829-1836
Brothers John O. Pitkin and Walter M. Pitkin.  This firm had a branch location in
Vicksburg, MS, 1835-1836 which operated under the name Seeger & Pitkin.
Benjamin Pierpont
Roxbury, MA  c. 1752 and Boston, MA 1760-1797
Phinney & Mead
Montpelier, VT  1849-1857  
Truman Phinney and Almon Ainsworth Mead.
Truman C. Phinney
Montpelier, VT  1849-1863  
Was in the partnership of Phinney & Mead 1849-1857.  Silversmith and jeweler.
Charles Piquette
Detroit, MI  1835-1859
Founded the Piquette Pen Co., a gold pen
manufacturing company, c. 1845.
John Owen Pitkin
Hartford, CT  1826-1850
In the partnership of J.O. & W. Pitkin 1829-1836.
Phyllis   See Phyllis Jacobs
Pinkus Bros.
New York, NY  c. 1900-1935  
Cigarette manufacturer, they also made smoking accessories.
Pitkin & Root
East Hartford, CT  c. 1830
Pitkin & Sumner
East Hartford, CT  c. 1820-1830
Phelps & Cary Co.
New York, NY  1899-1900
Acquired by the Hartford Sterling Co.
Phelps to Pitman
Phelps to Pitman
Benjamin Pitman  (b. 1728  d. 1814)
Providence, RI  c. 1750-1800
Samuel F. Phelps
Bennington, VT 1832-1834 and Troy, NY 1834-1838
Lillian Pines
New York, NY  1915-1950's
Ebenezer S. Phelps
Northampton, MA 1812-1830; Springfield, IL 1831-1838; and
Princeton, IL 1838-1860
Silversmith and watchmaker.  Was involved in a number of partnerships:
Crooks & Phelps with James Crooks 1812-1814.
Phelps & Strong 1823-1826.
Phelps & Holland with nelson Holland 1827-1828.
Phelps & White with G.W. White 1828-1830.
James D. Phillips (Philips)
Cincinnati, OH  1823-1835
William Phillips
Winchester, VA  c. 1775-1836
In the partnerships of Hartman & Phillips with Daniel Hartman 1802-1816
and Phillips & Foster with John Foster 1817-1820.
Fred Pieper
Covington, KY  1866-1905
In the partnership of H. Terlau & Co. with Henry Terlau and
Charles Carlt 1866-1881.  Pieper's business continued after his death in
1905 as F. Pieper, Jeweler until c. 1931.
Phillips & Foster
Winchester, VA  1817
William Phillips and John Foster.
John Pickering
Philadelphia, PA  1814
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Thomas Phillips
Paris, KY c. 1795-1818 and 1820-1827; Hopkinsville, KY 1818-1820;
and Lawrenceburg, KY 1827-1831  
Was in the partnership of Phillips & Frazer with Robert Frazer Sr.
and Alexander Frazer c. 1799.
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William Robinson Pitman
Providence, RI 1826; New Bedford, MA 1836-1856;
and Newport, RI 1856-1889
Saunders Pitman
Providence, RI  1755-1802  
Partnered with Samuel Dorrance in the firm of Pitman &
Dorrance 1795-1800 and then with Nehemiah Dodge in
Pitman & Dodge in 1800.