J.W. Reddall & Co.
Newark, NJ  1892-c. 1906  
Founded by John W. Reddall.  Makers of sterling novelties
and buckles.
Jacob Redifer
Philadelphia, PA  1844-1858
Joseph Raynes / J. Raynes & Co.
Lowell, MA  c. 1831-1879  
Was in the partnership of Wentworth & Raynes with
Joshua L. Wentworth 1834-1838.  Operated a branch
store in Portsmouth, NH c. 1845-1860.  Worked with his
son George W. Raynes as the firm of J. Raynes & Co.
Anthony Rasch / A. Rasch & Co.
Philadelphia, PA 1805-1820 and New Orleans, LA 1820-1858  
Partnered with Simon Chaudron in the company of Chaudron &
Rasch 1809-1812 then in 1817 with George Willig, Jr. in the firm
of A. Rasch & Co.
William H.J. Read
Philadelphia, PA  1831-1861
Edward Raworth
Nashville, TN  1808-1820  
Was in the partnership of Hiter & Raworth with Thomas Hiter in
1811, but it lasted only a month.  Was in the partnerships of
Raworth & Biddle 1814-1817 and Raworth & Gordon 1817-c. 1818.
Freeman Collins Raymond
Belfast, ME c. 1835-1839 and Boston, MA 1839-1879
Silversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker.
Henry Raymond
Albany, NY  1833-1840
Frank Rebajes
New York, NY  1934-1960  
Modernist studio jeweler.  Moved to Spain in 1960 and focused on creating
steel sculptures.
James Reat / James Reat & Co.
Richmond, VA  1804-1815
Was in the partnership of Johnson & Reat 1804-1815 and also had a
separate business under the name of James Reat & Co. 1812-1815.
Redlich & Company
New York, NY  1895-1946 / 1970s
Makers of sterling flatware, holloware and souvenir spoons.  Started as
Ludwig, Redlich & Co. and founded by Adolph Ludwig and A. Alec Redlich,
the name was changed c. 1895 when Ludwig left the company.  Became a
division of Elgin Silversmiths in 1946, and they continued the use of the Redlich mark through the 1970s.
Henry H. Redman
Norfolk, VA  1818-1839  
Was in the partnership of Redman & Potter 1819-1821.
Rasch to Redman
1899 John W. Reddall & Co. Ad
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