Reed & Barton
Taunton, MA  1840-2015  
Founded by Henry Reed and Charles Barton with origins back
to 1824.  Started out as Britannia manufacturers and then
silverplaters, they started manufacturing goods in sterling
silver in 1889.  Acquired Dominick & Haff in 1928.  Acquired
Theodore B. Starr and The Webster Co.  Major manufacturer
of a full line of sterling and silverplate flatware and holloware.
The firm went bankrupt in 2015 and its assets were purchased
by the Lenox Co.
Reed & Barton date marks
Flatware patterns
Osman Reed / Osman Reed & Co.
Philadelphia, PA  1830-1863
Was a partner with his father Isaac Reed in the business
of I. Reed & Son c. 1830-1841 and 1846-1857.  Worked as
Osman Reed & Co. 1841-1843.  Worked in later years as a
wholesale jewelry and watch importer.
Isaac Reed & Son
Philadelphia, PA  c. 1830-1841 and 1846-1857
Partnership of Isaac Reed and his son Osman Reed.
A.G. Reed & Co.
Nashua, NH  c. 1843-1849
James Reed
Murfreesboro, TN  1832-1850
Abner Reeder
Philadelphia, PA 1793-1798 and Trenton, NJ 1798-1830
In the partnership of McFee & Reeder with John McFee
Stephen Reed
New York, NY 1802-1840
Reed & Slader
Nashua, NH  c. 1849-1853
Elbridge Gerry Reed and Edward A. Slader.
Reed & Stanley
Concord, NH  c. 1850-1851
Joseph Reeve
Newburg, NY  1800-1828  
Was in the partnership of Reeve & Heroy with Isaac Heroy
1813-1815 and then Reeve & Clark with Joseph Clark c. 1818.
Charles Reeve
Newburgh, NY  1825-1865
Joseph F. Reeves
Baltimore, MD  1835-1857
Was in the partnerships of Reeves & Spear 1850-1851 and
Reeves & Brown 1856-1857.
Reeve & Heroy
Newburgh, NY  1813-1815
Joseph Reeve and Isaac Heroy.
Reeves & Sillcocks
New York, NY  c. 1893-1897  
Reed to Regnier
Philip Louis Reese
Mt. Sterling, KY  1857-1886
Silversmith and jeweler.
L.R. Reeves
New Albany, IN  c. 1839-1840
Maria Regnier  (b. 1901  d. 1994)
Brentwood, MO 1935-1957; Savannah, GA 1957-1961; and Camden, AR 1961-1970
Hugarian born, Regnier came to the U.S. in 1921.  Attended Rhode Island School of
Design and William Dixon School, NY.  
1902 Reed & Barton Ad
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Reed to Regnier
Reeves & Spear
Baltimore, MD  1850-1851
Joseph F. Reeves and Alexander L. Spear, silversmiths and jewelers.