W . & G. Richardson
Richmond, VA  1782 and c. 1784-1798  
Brothers William and George Richardson.
Joseph Richardson, Jr. (b. 1752 d. 1831)
Philadelphia, PA  1773-c. 1813  
In the firm of Joseph & Nathaniel Richardson 1777-1791 and also
Richardson & Co. with James Howell 1795-1802.  Appointed by
George Washington in 1795 as the assayer of the U.S. mint in
Philadelphia and retained that position until his death in 1831.
Joseph Richardson, Sr. (b. 1711 d. 1784)
Philadelphia, PA  1731-1777
George Washington Riggs
Georgetown, DC 1805-1810 and Baltimore, MD 1810-1848
Was in the partnership of Riggs & Griffith with C. Greenberry Griffith
Benjamin McKenny Riggs
Paris, KY and Falmouth, KY  c. 1825-1839
Franklin Richmond
Providence, RI  c. 1817-1858
Silversmith, jeweler and watchmaker.
Ritter & Sullivan
Baltimore, MD  1900-1915  
Founded by Gottlieb Ritter and Wyndham A. Sullivan.  Makers
of Baltimore style repoussé holloware.
Richmond & Flint
Nashville, TN  1816-1823  
Barton Richmond and F.P. Flint.  
Charles Thomas Ridgway
Amherst, MA c. 1833 and Nashua, NH 1834-1906  
Partnered with his father James Ridgway in the firm
of James Ridgway & Co. c. 1833-1840.  Silversmith
and jeweler.
William Richardson
Richmond, VA  1769-1809  
Was a partner with his brother George in the firm of W. & G. Richardson
in 1782 and again c. 1784-1798.
Elijah M. Ringo
Fayetteville, TN  c. 1824-1857  
Silversmith, clock and watchmaker.
John E. Rigden
Georgetown, DC 1796-1819 and Baltimore 1814-c. 1844 (overlap)
J.J. Rider
Salem, MA  c. 1830
Richardson to Ritterband
Richardson to Ritterband
1891 Enos Richardson & Co. Advertisement
Enos Richardson & Co.
Newark, NJ  1866-c. 1925  
Sales office in New York, NY.  Successor to Palmer, Richardson & Co.  Makers of gold
and sterling jewelery and novelties.  Succeeded by the Richardson Manufacturing Co.
Horace Richmond
Canadaigua, NY 1814-1834 and Tremont, IL 1835-1855  
Silversmith and jeweler.
Henry M. Ritterband
New York, NY  c. 1832-1855
Richardson & Skinner
Keene, NH  c. 1869-1870
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James Ridgway  (b. 1780  d. 1840)
Worcester, MA c. 1801-1802; Newark, NJ c. 1802; Groton, MA c. 1805-1816;
Keene, NH 1817-1829; Amherst, NH 1830-1834; and Nashua, NH 1834-1840
Partnered with his son Charles T. Ridgway under the name of
James Ridgway & Co. c. 1834-1840.
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Richard Riggs
Philadelphia, PA  c. 1810-1819
Joseph & Nathaniel Richardson
Philadelphia, PA  1777-1791
Succeeded their father, Joseph Richardson, Sr., upon his retirement
in 1777.