Richard Rutter
Baltimore, MD  1790-1798
In the partnership of Rice & Rutter with Joseph Rice in 1794.
Pierre Casimir Rouyer
New Orleans, LA  1850-1884  
Silversmith and noted as a maker of Confederate coat buttons.
Nelson Roth
Utica, NY  1837-1858
Charles Rumsey
Salem, NJ  1819-1841
Rudd & Scudder
New York, NY  1840 and  1847-1850
Joseph Rudd and Egbert Scudder.
Alexander Coffin Ross
Zanesville, OH  c. 1831-1864
Silversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker.  In the partnership of Hill & Ross
c. 1833-1837.  Wrote the song "Tippecanoe and Tyler Too" in 1840.
Edward Rowse, Jr.
Augusta, ME  1839-1882
Rowse's business was continued under his name after his death in
1882 by his widow until c. 1892.
George Payne Rose
Dundee, NY c. 1849-1852 and Elmira, NY c. 1860-1875  
Silversmith and jeweler.
Alexander Rumrill / A. Rumrill & Co.
New York, NY  1831-1840
Stopped silversmith work in 1840; continued in the jewelry
and retail business going by A. Rumrill & Co. 1869-1878.  
Succeeded by Jacques & Marcus in 1878.
Daniel Russell  (b. 1698  d. 1750)
Newport, RI  c. 1719-1750
George Russell
Philadelphia, PA  1833-1875
Moody Russell
Barnstable, MA  c. 1715-1761
Lucas Ryerson
York, PA  c. 1800-1840 and Wayne, NJ  c. 1850
Silversmith and clockmaker.
John Ross
Baltimore, MD  1790-1798
William Ruser
Beverly Hills, CA  1947-1969  
Called the "Jeweler to the Stars," Ruser made a series of jewelry lines
featuring freshwater pearls which are highly collectible today.
Rose to Ryerson
Rose to Ryerson
Herman Roth
Larchmont, NY  1940s-1950s
Hudson Roysher
Los Angeles, CA  c. 1935-1975  
Royal Manufacturing Co.
Detroit, MI  c. 1885-1908  
Primarily makers of silverplate and nickel silver goods, also made
sterling vanity goods and novelties.
John Wesley Ruth
Shelbyville, TN  1858-1906
Royal Family
A trademark name of the Saben Glass Co. in use since 1949 for
sterling handled flatware and sterling mounted glass holloware.
Jonathan Russell (Russel)
Ashford, CT c. 1795-1805, Geneva, NY 1807 and Auburn, NY 1807-1817
1872 Edward Rowse Ad
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Royal Crest   See Empire Crafts Corp.
East Aurora, NY  1895-1938
A community of artists founded by Elbert Hubbart working in the Arts & Crafts style,
producing goods such as furniture, lamps, books, and metalwork.  
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C.F. Rumpp & Sons
Philadelphia, PA  1890-1959
Founded by Carl F. Rumpp, who founded the business alone in 1850.  Manufacturers of
pocketbooks and leather goods, many with silver mountings.