Geer Terry
Worcester, MA 1797-1815 and Enfield, CT c. 1816
Partnered with Aaron Willard 1814-1815.
William Ingalls Tenney
New York, NY  1828-1848
The TC Shop
Chicago, IL  1910-1928  
Founded by emery W. Todd (a former Kalo Shop
employee) and Clemencia C. Cosio.  Cosio was
the designer, Todd the silversmith.  Makers of
handwrought Arts & Crafts sterling flatware and holloware.
Andrew A. Taylor
Newark, NJ  c. 1930-1973  
Sterling holloware manufacturer.
Pardon L. Taylor
Brooklyn, NY  1844-1850
Henry Terlau / H. Terlau & Co.
Covington, KY  1854-1894  
Was in the partnership of H. Terlau & Co. 1866-1881.
George W. Taylor
Philadelphia, PA  1823-1851
Jacob Coenraedt Ten Eyck
Albany, NY  1725-1770
Bill Tendler
New York, NY  c. 1950-1973  
Modernist studio jeweler.
Lucien B. Terry
Enfield, CT  1810
Najah Taylor / N. Taylor & Co.
Danbury, CT c. 1793-1795 and New York, NY c. 1795-1816
Involved in the partnerships of Wells, Taylor & Co. 1800-1807
and N. Taylor & Co. 1808-1816.
Thibault & Bros.
Philadelphia, PA  1810-1836
Makers of coin silver flatware and jewelry.
Joseph Blake Thaxter
Hingham, MA  1815-c. 1860
Charles Thomae & Son, Inc. / The Thomae Co.
Attleboro, MA  1920-c. 2015  
Founded by father Charles Thomae and his two sons Charles G.
Thomae and Herbert L. Thomae then owned by grandson Charles F.
Thomae.  Makers of sterling holloware, novelties and baby items.  
The oldest marks are the crown/Old English T/lion.
Taylor to Thomae
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Wilbert Terry
Enfield, CT c. 1785; Rhinebeck & Washington, NY  c. 1790;
Mechanic Town, NY c. 1799; New York, NY 1805-c. 1820  
In the partnership of Terry & Taylor with John Taylor c. 1820.
Taylor to Thomae
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Tennant Co.
New York, NY  c. 1895-1899
Stock, dies, and plant were acquired by the Phelps & Cary Co.   
Frederick Thibault
Philadelphia, PA 1810-1856 and New York, NY 1856-1866
Was in the partnerships of Francis & F. Thibault 1807-1809
and Thibault & Bros. 1810-1836.