Robert Wynne
Salisbury, NC  1827-1830 and Halifax, NC c. 1832  
In the firm of Huntington & Wynne with John Huntington
Eleazer Wyer  (b. 1786  d. 1848)
Portland, ME  1806-1848
Silversmith and jeweler.  In the partnership of Wyer & Farley
1814-1818.  In the partnership of Wyer & Noble with Joseph
Noble 1821-1835.
Thomas Wriggins / Wriggins & Co.
Philadelphia, PA  1831-1876
Was in the partnership of Wriggins & Co.
1831-1835, 1842-1846, and 1869-1876.  Was also in the partnership of
Wriggins & Warden 1856-1868.
Worthley Bros.
Brunswick, ME  c. 1867-1880  
Nathaniel T. Worthley and William E.G. Worthley.  
Silversmiths and jewelers.
Worden-Munnis Co., Inc.
Boston, MA  1940-1964  
Acquired by Old Newbury Crafters in 1964.  Makers of sterling holloware.
Earl Woodworth
Hampden, MA  1820-1825 and Springfield, MA  1825-1852
In the partnership of Woodworth & Kirkham 1845-1852.  
Silversmith and watchmaker.
Woodward & Grosjean
Boston, MA  c. 1840-1850  
John H. Woodward and Charles Grosjean.
Woodside Sterling Co.
Newark, NJ 1895-1915 and New York, NY 1915-c. 1960  
Makers of sterling holloware, vanity items, and novelties.  
Freeman Woods
New York, NY 1791-1794 and New Bern, CT 1794-1834
Known to be working last in North Carolina.
S. Wyler, Inc.
New York, NY  1890-Present
Founded by Sigmund Wyler.  Dealers of antique silver and maker of antique reproductions.  
Richard M. Woods & Co.
New York, NY  1915-c. 1950  
Makers of sterling holloware, vanity items, and novelties.
E. & S. Woodworth
Springfield, MA  c. 1825-1845  
Wyer & Farley
Portland, ME  1814-1818  
Eleazer Wyer, Jr. & Charles Farley.
James T. Woolley
Boston, MA  c. 1910-1920s  
Maker of hand wrought flatware and holloware, working in the Arts & Crafts style.
Woodworth & Kirkham
Springfield, MA  1845-1852  
Earl Woodworth and James Kirkham.
Charles Wyman
St. Albans, VT  1847-1896 and Burlington, VT 1896-1897
Silversmith and jeweler.  Involved in a number of partnerships:
Huntington & Wyman with Alfred Huntington 1850-1856.
C. & J. Wyman with brother John Wyman 1856-1862.
Wyman & Huntington with Elihu Huntington 1862-1868.
Chas. Wyman & Son with son John Daniel Wyman 1887-c. 1897.
Woods to Wynne
Christopher Wynn
Baltimore, MD  1822-1883
Woods & Chatellier
New York, NY  1899-1931
Founded by Stephen Woods and John Chatellier.
Manufacturers of jewelery, boxes, and novelties.
George B. Wright
Staunton, VA  1849-1854  
Silversmith and jeweler.  In the partnership of G.B. Wright & Co. with
J.W. Meredith 1850-1854.
Wordley, Allsop & Bliss Co.
Newark, NJ  1908-c. 1914  
Succeeded by the Allslopp-Bliss Co.  Makers of sterling and gold
novelties and jewelry.
Benjamin Wynkoop  (1675-1751)n
New York, NY  1698-c. 1720
James J. Woodward
Great Falls (now Somersworth), NH  c. 1846-1907
Was in the partnership of Wakefield & Woodward with
Albert Wakefield c. 1846-1865.
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Woods to Wynne
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Wortz & Voorhis
New York, NY  1894-1899
James W. Wortz and William L. Voorhis.