Andrew Ellicott Warner, Jr.  (b.1814  d.1893)
Baltimore, MD  1864-1893  
In the partnership of Andrew E. Warner & Son with his father
Andrew Ellicott Warner 1867-1870.
Andrew Ellicott Warner  (b.1786  d.1870)
Baltimore, MD  1805-1870  
Was in the partnerships of  T. & A.E. Warner with Thomas
Warner 1805-1812 and Andrew E. Warner & Son with son
Andrew Ellicott Warner 1867-1870.
Abijah B. Warden
Philadelphia, PA  1842-1867
Was in the partnership of Wriggins & Warden 1856-1868.
William Ward  (b. 1736  d. 1829)
New Haven, CT 1766-1768 and Litchfield, CT 1768-1829  
Silversmith and clockmaker.
James Ward
Hartford, CT  1790-1830  
Involved in a number of partnerships:
Beach & Ward with Miles Beach 1790-1797.
Ward, Bartholomew & Trott c. 1802-1803 in Goshen, CT, the
only time it appears he was not doing business in Hartford.  
Ward & Bartholomew 1804-1809.
Ward, Bartholomew & Brainard with Roswell Bartholomew and
Charles Brainard 1809-1830.
Ward & Cox
Philadelphia, PA  c. 1811  
Jehu Ward and Benjamin Cox.
Ward & Bartholomew
Hartford, CT  1804-1809  
A partnership between James Ward and Roswell Bartholomew.
Ward, Bartholomew & Trott
Goshen, CT  c. 1802
A partnership between James Ward, Roswell Bartholomew and ? Trott.
Thomas Warner
Baltimore, MD  1803-1828
Was in the partnership of T. & A.E. Warner 1805-1812.  Was
Assayer of the City of Baltimore 1814-1824 and is credited for
creating the system of duty marks for the Baltimore Assay Office.
T. & A.E. Warner
Baltimore, MD  1805-1812
Thomas H. Warner and Andrew Elicott Warner.
Caleb Warner
Salem, MA  1805-1859
Was in a number of firms, including:
C. & J. Warner with John Warner 1820-1822 in Salem, MA
Charles Lord & Co. with Charles Lord 1825-1828 in Portland, ME
Warner & Lord with Thomas Lord 1830-1837 in Salem, MA
Warner & Fellows with John Foster Fellows 1837-1842 in Salem, MA
S.W. Warriner
Louisville, KY  1845-1855
Jehu & W.L. Ward
Philadelphia, PA  1837-1852  
Jehu Ward and William L. Ward.
William H. Warrock
Richmond, VA c. 1791-1795 and 1803-1805 and Norfolk, VA 1795-1803  
In the partnership of Brooks & Warrock  with Samuel Brooks 1795-1796.
James H. Warfield
Baltimore, MD  c. 1827
Joseph Warford
Albany, NY 1800-1810 and Salem, NY 1810-c. 1815.
Samuel R. Warrington
Philadelphia, PA  1822-1853
Austin M. Ward
Concord, NH  1834-1853
Ward to Warwick
Ward to Warwick
Ambrose Ward
New Haven, CT  1761-1808
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Warwick Sterling Co.
Providence, RI  1908-1922
Founded by John F. Brady.