James Watts
Philadelphia, PA  1832-1888  
Involved in several partnerships:
J. & W. Watts 1839-1851
Watts & Harper 1859-1862
Watts & Butler in 1867
Watts & Son with James A. Watts 1882-1886
James Watson
Philadelphia, PA  1820-1872
Was in the partnerships of Hildeburn &
Watson 1830-1833 and Watson & Hildeburn
Edward Watson
Boston, MA  c. 1815-1839  
Was in the partnerships of Davis & Watson in 1815,
Davis, Watson & Co. c. 1822-1825, and Watson & Brown 1836-1838.
Watson & Newell / Watson Co.
Attleboro, MA  1880-1955  
Watson & Newell was founded by Clarence L. Watson
and Fred A. Newell who worked together at Cobb,
Gould & Co. (1874-1880).  They expanded to Watson,
Newell & Co 1886-1895, incorporationg in 1895 to the
Watson, Newell Co.  The company was renamed c. 1915
to the Watson Co.  With showrooms in Chicago, New
York and San Francisco, Watson became a major
manufacturer of sterling flatware and holloware.  The
mark of the flag with the H in it was for flatware made by
their subsidiary company, the Mechanics Sterling Co.  Watson also made a
line of sterling holloware for Wilcox & Wagoner beginning about 1900 bearing
the sword and laurel wreath mark.  When Wilcox & Wagoner folded c. 1905, Watson continued producing
with this mark until 1929.  The crown/W/lion mark was used 1910-1950.  Watson was acquired by Wallace
Silversmithsin 1955; their souvenir spoon dies went to J.T. Inman.  See
flatware patterns.
Watson & Brown
Philadelphia, PA  1836-1838
Watson & Hildeburn
Philadelphia, PA  1839-1849   
Joseph H. Watson
Warrenton, VA  1844-1880  
Silversmith and jeweler.
Watson & Briggs Co.
Attleboro, MA  c. 1934
Watrous Mfg. Co.
Wallingford, CT  1896-Present  
Successor to Maltby, Stevens & Curtiss.  Makers of sterling
and silverplated flatware, holloware, and novelties.  In 1898
Watrous was one of the founding companies of International
Samuel Waters
Boston, MA  c. 1793-1805
Watts & Butler
Philadelphia, PA  1867  
James Watts and James P. Butler.
Watts & Harper
Philadelphia, PA  1859-1862  
James Watts and Henry Harper.
David Weatherly
Philadelphia, PA  c. 1805-1850
Waters to Weatherly
Alexandra Solowij Watkins
Boston, AM  c. 1955-Present
Modernist jeweler and silversmith.  Co-owner of Atelier Janiyé.
A division of the Watson Co. c. 1915-c.1935
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1960s Watrous Ad
Waters to Weatherly
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