John Lawson Westervelt
Newburgh, NY  1848-1905
Westmorland Sterling Co.
A company created by Wearever Aluminum and Wallace
Silversmiths to market five sterling flatware patterns and
a small amount of holloware directly to the consumer, mainly through door to door
subscription sales.  All products were manufactured by Wallace Silversmiths.  
flatware patterns.
Thomas Whartenby / Thomas Whartenby & Co.
Philadelphia, PA  c. 1811-1852  
In the partnerships of Whartenby & Bumm 1816-1818 and
later Thomas Whartenby & Co. 1847-1852.
Samuel H. Wheritt
Richmond, KY  1824-1877
William Wilson White
New York, NY  c. 1826-1873
Silversmith and watchmaker.  In the partnership
of Wm. W. White & Son 1858-1873.
Silas White
New York, NY  1791-1798
Peregrine White
Boston, MA 1767-1774 and Woodstock, CT 1774-1810
Silversmith and clockmaker.
White Hogan Shop
Scottsdale, AZ  1950-2006  
Founded by John and Virginia Bonnell and later owned by their son Jon Bonnell.
Well known shop where a large number of acclaimed Navajo artists produced a
wide array of silver items including flatware, holloware, and jewelry.  Most pieces
from the White Hogan Shop also include the mark of the individual silversmith
who made the item, such as the Allen Kee mark shown at the lower right.
Emery A. Whipple
Springfield, MA  c. 1841-1900
Silversmith, jeweler and watchmaker.
George Henry Whitford
Concord, NH  c. 1855-1864 and Waltham, MA 1864-1894
Was in the partnerships of Carter & Whitford with Abiel Carter 1854-1861;
Whitford & Drew with George W. Drew c. 1857-1859; and Whitford & Johnson with Robert B. Johnson
c. 1893-1894.  Whitford continued working in Waltham while operating a branch store in Boston under the
name of G.H. Whitford & Co. c. 1893-1895.
Whartenby & Bumm
Philadelphia, PA  1816-1818  
A short lived partnership between Thomas Whartenby
and Peter Bumm.
Joseph Werne, Jr.
Louisville, KY  c. 1859-1878
A partner in the firms of John Kitts & Co. 1859-1864 with John Kitts and
S.W. Warringer then Kitts & Werne with John Kitts 1864-1878.
Henry White
Fredericksburg, VA  c. 1788-1827
Was a partner in the firm of Brown & White with his former master
James Brown 1787-1790.  Partnered with his son William H. White
in the firm of H. White & Son 1817-1822.
Charles William Westphall
Philadelphia, PA  1800-1821
Whitford & Drew
Concord, NH  c. 1857-1859  
George H. Whitford and George W. Drew.
WER to Whitford
Calvin Wheaton
Providence, RI  c. 1788-1791
W.H. White & Co.
Fredericksburg, VA and
Philadelphia, PA  1834-1836   
Samuel White
New York, NY  1803-1833
Whipple & Skiff
Springfield, MA  1848-1849  
Emery A. Whipple and Valentine W. Skiff.
William H. White
Fredericksburg, VA 1817-1858 and
Philadelphia, PA 1834-1838 (branch location)   
A partner in the firm of H. White & Son with his father Henry White
1817-1822.  Was then a partner in the business of Wm. H. White & Co. in Fredericksburg, VA, with
Benjamin H. Smith and William K. Smith 1834-1836.  A second branch was opened in Philadelphia, PA,
later in 1834 with John M. Harper as partner.  The Fredericksburg partnership was dissolved in 1836;
Benjamin H. Smith was taken on as senior partner, and the company name became B.H. Smith & Co.
1836-1838.  The Philadelphia business as also restructured in 1836, becoming Dickson, White & Co. with
John D. Dixon and John M. Harper as partners of White's.  White left in 1838, with the firm then
reogranizing as Dickson & Harper.
Wm. W. White & Son
New York, NY  1858-1873
William W. White and Edward P. White.
Harry S. Whitbeck
Northampton, MA  1906-1912
Silver and goldsmith who worked in the Arts & Crafts style,
Whitbeck later went on to work for Tiffany & Co.
1895 Geo. H. Whitford & Co. Advertisement
Charles White
Mobile, AL  c. 1825-1842
WER to Whitford
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Joseph Wharfe
Baltimore, MD  c. 1819
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Wheelock Silversmiths
Newport, RI  c. 1948-1985
Founded by Frang G. Wheeler and Emil H. Plock.
Whitehead & Hoag Co.
Newark, NJ  1892-1959
Manufacturers of advertising jewelry and
William H. White
Fredericksburg, VA 1817-1858 and Philadelphia, PA 1834-1838
White was in the following partnerships:
H. White & Son with his father Henry White 1817-1822.
W.H. White & Co. 1834-1836.
B.H. Smith & Co. 1836-1838.
Dickson, White & Co. 1837-1838.