Whiting & Davis Co.
Plainville, MA  1896-Present
Founded by C.A. Whiting and Edward P. Davis.
Successor to Wade, Davis & Co. (1876-1896).
Began as chain makers and developed the first
machine to manufacture woven metal mesh.  
Acquired J.T. Inman in 1964 and began making souvenir spoons
with the dies acquired from Inman.  Makers of chainmail mesh
handbags, some in sterling, along with sterling novelties, jewelry,
and souvenir spoons.
Frank M. Whiting Co.
North Attleboro, MA  1878-1940  
Founded by Frank M. Whiting who originally was working for
his father, William D. Whiting of the Whiting Mfg. Co., but
left his father's company to start his own in 1878.  Acquired
c. 1940 by the Ellmore Co.  The two griffin marks at
the top were not used after 1896 because of
confusion with the Whiting Mfg. Co. mark.  
Makers of a full line of sterling flatware
and holloware.  See
flatware patterns.
Ebenezer Whitney
New York, NY 1805-1841 and Norwalk, CT c. 1843-1860
Silversmith and watchmaker.  Was in partnership with
Seymour Hoyt as Whitney & Hoyt 1832-1841.
Asa Whitney
New York, NY  1798-1812
Silversmith & watchmaker.
Whitney & Hoyt
New York, NY  1832-1841
A partnership between Ebenezer Whitney and Seymour Hoyt.
Whiting Manufacturing Co.
North Attleboro, MA 1866-1875; New York, NY 1876-1909; and
Bridgeport, CT 1909-1926
Founded by William D. Whiting.  Moved from North Attleboro to
New York City after a fire destroyed the North Attleboro factory.
Acquired by Gorham in 1924 and then moved to Providence in 1926.  
Major manufacturer of a full line of sterling flatware, holloware,
and novelties.  See
flatware patterns.
Ezra Whiton
Boston, MA  1821-1826
William Dean Whiting / W.D. Whiting & Co.
North Attleboro, MA  1840-1891  
Whiting was in the partnership of Tifft & Whiting 1840-1853.  
When Albert C. Tifft sold out his interested in the business to
Whiting in 1853, Whiting worked under the name of W.D.
Whiting & Co. until 1855.  Whiting continued to be involved in a succession of partnerships:  Whiting &
Gooding 1855-1858; Whiting, Fessenden & Cowan 1858-1859; Tifft, Whiting & Co. 1859-1864; Whiting,
Cowan & Bowen 1864-1866.  In 1866 Whiting founded the Whiting Manufacturing Co.  He also joined
his son's firm, the F.M. Whiting & Co., as a partner in 1881 and remained until his death in 1891.
William Bradford Whiting (b. 1731  d. 1796)
Norwich, CT  c. 1750-1790
E.A. Whitney & Co.
Boston, MA  1891-1911
Founded by Edwin A. Whitney.  Makers of sterling souvenir spoons.
M.F. Whitney
Schenectady, NY  c. 1823-1824
William H. Whitlock
New York, NY  1817-1827
Whittemore & Blair
New Orleans, LA  1838-1840  
Edwin Whittemore and Daniel Blair.
1891 E.A. Whitney Ad
Whiting to Whittemore
Whiting to Whittemore
1899 Frank M. Whiting & Co. Ad
1897 Whiting & Davis Ad