William Stillman Willis
Boston, MA  1830-1841  
Worked with his father in the firm of S. Willis & Co.  Silversmith and jeweler.
Thomas T. Wilmot  (b. 1804)
Charleston, SC  1837-1841 and Savannah, GA 1843-c. 1850  
Was in the partnership of S. & T. Wilmot with Samuel Wilmot 1837-1841.  
Thomas Wilmot opened his own shop in Savannah, GA in 1843 and a
second shop in Columbus, GA in 1844.   It is believed both shops closed in 1850.
Samuel Wilmot, Jr.
Charleston, SC 1837-c. 1841 and Savannah, GA c. 1850-1856
Partnered with Thomas T. Wilmot in the firm of S. & T.T. Wilmot
1837-1841.  Was in the partnership of Wilmot & Richmond with
Henry A. Richmond c. 1853-1856.
Stillman Willis / S. Willis & Co.
Boston, MA  1810-1837
Was in the partnership of S. Willis & Co. with son
William S. Willis 1829-1833.
Wilmort Manufacturing Co.
Chicago, IL  1917-1930  
Makers of sterling and silverplated silverware, crumb sweepers, and novelties.  
The mark shown is from a silverplated item.
Samuel Williamson
Philadelphia, PA  1794-1813  
In the partnership of Richards & Williamson with
Samuel R. Richards, Jr. 1797-1800.
William Alexander Williams
Alexandria, VA  1811-1834 and Washington, DC 1834-1846
Daniel M. Williams
Winchester, TN c. 1860; Galveston, TX c. 1865-1869;
Calvert, TX c. 1870-1873; and Ft. Worth, TX c. 1877-1880  
Silversmith and jeweler.
Williams & Victor
Lynchburg, VA  1813-1845
Partnership of Jehu Williams, Sr. and John Victor, ending
upon the death of Victor in 1845.  Silversmiths, watch and
Roger Williams Silver Co.
Providence, RI  1901-1913  
Taken over by Mount Vernon Co. Silversmiths in 1913.
flatware patterns.
John Williams
Philadelphia, PA  1793 and c. 1818-1819; Alexandria, VA 1795-1796;
and Washington, DC c. 1809-1810
W.H. Williams
Hamilton, NY  1838-1844
Deodat Williams  (d. 1857)
Boston, MA  1811-1821
In the partnerships of Welles & Williams c. 1813 and James &
Williams c. 1816.  Worked in the soda shop business after 1821.
Williams to Wilmot
1908 Roger Williams Silver Co. Advertisement
Andrew Willis
Boston, MA  c. 1840
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Samuel Wilmot, Sr.  (b. 1777  d. 1846)
New Haven, CT  1798-1808; Georgetown, SC 1824-1835; and
Charleston, SC  1837-1846
Was in the firm of Wilmot & Stillman with Benjamin Stillman 1800-1808.
Williams to Wilmot
Jehu Williams  (1788-1859)
Fredericksburg, VA c. 1807-1813 and Lynchburg, VA 1813-1859
Was in the partnerships of Williams & Victor 1813-1845 and
J. Williams & Son 1856-1859.