Grille Knife  (See Viande Knife)
Crawfish Knife
Bird Knife  (7" to 8")
Duck Knife
Dessert Knife  (8")
Dinner Knife  (9 1/4" to 9 3/4")
The largest of the individual dining knives.
Butter Knife
The smallest of the individual knives.  The tip of the blade is rounded
with some ends being wider than the rest of the blade.  Today, butter
knives come in either solid sterling or with sterling handles and stainless
blades.  Used at informal to semi-formal meals when a bread and butter plate is set out.  At the most formal of
dinners, bread is not served so the butter knife is not used.
Fruit Knife  (6 1/2" to 7 1/4")
Knife with a narrow sharp blade, usually slightly curved, with a pointed end.  
Used for peeling and cutting fresh fruit at the table.
Fish Knife  (8 1/2" to 8 3/4")
A wide bladed knife with a dull, wide edged blade that ends in a point.  
The point is used to separate the bones from the fish and lift the bones
onto the plate; the notch at the top of the blade is also there for this
endeavor.  Used with a fish fork for the fish course.
Orange Knife / Grapefruit Knife / Citrus Knife
Most commonly called an orange knife, this is a short thin knife with curved blade, serrated on one side, for
cutting the peel away from oranges and other citrus fruits.  Occasionally has a pick at the end of the blade to
pick up the fruit.  Orange knives may be all sterling or sterling handled with stainless or silverplated blades.
Melon Knife
Luncheon Knife  (8" to 8 3/4")
Steak Knife  (8 1/4" to 9 1/4")
A type of knife with sharp, curved blade with pointed end.  Blade may be
serrated or not.  For cutting thick pieces of meat.
Place Knife
Tea Knife
Carving Set, Individual
Melon Fork/Knife
Viande Knife  (8" to 9")
Originally produced by International Silver, in conjunction with the
viande fork, as an answer to what type of flatware should be set out
at a buffet.  A viande knife consists of a handle which is longer and tines
which are shorter than a regular luncheon or place knife.  Oneida copied the same style and marketed it as a grille