Swizzle Stick
A long thin rod for stirring a beverage.  
They're not knives, forks, or spoons...but all of the pieces of this page are place pieces.  That is, each
individual diner would have one of these pieces set out at their place setting if the meal called for it.
Squab Holder  (6")
A smaller version of a
bone clamp used by individual diners when
eating squab.  The clamp would be put onto the leg bone, secured in
place by tightening with a turn screw.  The diner could then carve the
leg away from the squab without having to touch the meat.
Pate Spreader
Similar to an individual butter knife, but with a slightly different spreading end, the design being left to the whim
of the manufacturer.
Nut Pick  (4 1/2" to 5 1/2")
Short handled implement with long narrow end of picking nutmeats
out of their shells after having been opened with a nutcracker.
Lobster Pick  (6" to 7")
Narrow implement extracting meat out of lobster shells, especially
the narrow legs.  The ends of the pick vary and can be found in the
form of two small tines, a single blunt end, or even a small scoop.
Lobster Crack
Scissor shaped implement for cracking lobster or crab claws.
Knife Sharpener
Hard to find item consisting of a sterling handle with a roll blade type
knife sharpener at the end, so each diner could sharpen their bird or
steak knives to their liking.
Escargot Tongs  (5" to 5 1/2")
All sterling examples, such as the one in the photo at right, are very
hard to find.  Today they are commonly made of stainless steel and
can be readily found at restaurant supply stores.  For picking up and
holding escargot shells, the meat of which is then removed and eaten
with an escargot fork.
Corn Cob Holder
Small one or two tined forks to assist in eating corn on the cob.  One holder
is inserted into each end of the cob, and the buttered cob is then lifted by the
holders so the corn can be consumed.
Asparagus Tongs, Individual / Asparagus Eater (4" to 5")
Tongs designed to hold one individual spear of asparagus and used at
each place setting.
Corn Scraper  ( 5 1/2" to 6 1/2")
Hard to find utensil used with corn on the cob.  The idea
behind the corn scraper was for the user to scrape and
break open the corn kernels, thus facilitating the dining
Champagne Muddler
Small lightweight utensil with a round handle for removing bubbles from
a glass of champagne by twirling the muddler between the fingers.
Brandy Burner / Warmer, Individual  (4" to 5 1/2")
For warming brandy to be added to coffee or for making café brulot, a
spiced coffee drink.  The brandy burner is placed over a cup of coffee.
A sugar cube is placed in the burner and brandy or cognac is poured
onto the sugar (if making café brulot, spices are also added at this
point).  The sugar/brandy is then set on fire and when sufficiently
heated it is poured and stirred into the coffee.  
Lemon Squeezer
Hinged implement for squeezing and straining a wedge of lemon during
the meal onto seafood or during tea.