Bar Spoon
Bar Muddler  (7" to 11")
Barware.  Bar muddlers are used for mashing aromatics, such as mint leaves or
lemon peel, when making cocktails.  They come in two distinct forms:  one that is
a spoon with a flat bowl and the other with a round disc perpendicular to the handle
(the shorter version of this style is a
sugar crusher).
Bar Knife  (8" to 9")
Barware.  A handy silver handled/stainless steel bladed instrument
having a sharp blade for slicing, a pick end for picking up olives,
onions, or fruit and a bottle cap lifter.
Banana Server  (10" to 11")
Hard to find serving piece with long, somewhat narrow solid or reticulated blade.
Baked Potato Fork
Two tined serving pieces made at the factory from luncheon forks.  
These forks come in two styles:  one with the center tines removed,
the remaining two tines often twisted and the ends flared; the other
with all four tines spread outward or the outer two tines removed and
the center tines splayed out.  These same forks were also marketed
as sandwich forks by some manufacturers.  Today, these forks are
occasionally seen being made up by silver dealers and being
marketed as English meat forks or sandwich forks.  For serving whole
baked potatoes.
Bacon Fork  (7 1/2" to 8 1/2")
Long, narrow handled fork with wide, multi-tined serving end.  Some bacon forks have pointed tines for spearing
and serving bacon.  Others have thick, blunt tines so cooked bacon slices can be lifted and served instead of
Baby Spoon (4" to 4 1/2")
Short spoon with wide round bowl.  Used when babies are learning
to use flatware.  Baby spoons may have either flat or rolled back
Baby Fork  (4" to 4 1/2")
Short fork with blunt tines.  Used when babies are learning to use flatware.
Berry Serving Fork
Beef Fork  (5 3/4" to 8")
A general sliced meat serving fork without a standard form, but smaller
than a sizes, the shape of the beef fork was left up to the whim of the
manufacturer.  They may have three, four, or five tines which may be
flared outward, or not flared at all, and can be plain or fancy.  
Basting Spoon  (See Dressing Spoon)
Boiled Potato Ladle
Blanc Mange Serving Spoon
Bird Carving Set
Smallest of the carving sets.
Berry Spoon (8" to 9")
Large serving spoon, often very fancy, with large deep bowl for serving
berries.  The name is often used interchangeably with a casserole spoon
in today's patterns.  In older patterns, the berry spoon's bowl is fancier
than that of a casserole spoon, often one of the most decorative pieces
in the set.  
Berry Scoop  (8" to 9")
Generally the same as a berry spoon, but having a scoop shaped bowl.
Bone Holder w/ Clamp  (7" to 8")
For holding turkey or game bird legs in place while carving.  Smaller
versions are squab holders and larger ones are leg o'mutton holders.
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