Butter Spade / Trowel
A small spade shaped implement, rarely seen today, for slicing and serving butter.  
Bon Bon Scoop  (4 1/2" to 5 3/4")
A small serving spoon with a scoop or shovel shaped end for serving
bon bons, mints, etc.
Brandy Warmer, Individual
Bouillon Server  (9" to 10")
Used for serving bouillon at formal occasions, this uncommon server is a long ladle with a pouring lip on one side
of the bowl.  It is rather like a cross between a spoon and a ladle.
Bouillon Ladle  (8" to 9")
A medium-large ladle, sometimes with two pouring lips, for serving the
bouillon course of the meal.
Bon Bon Tongs  (3" to 3 3/4")
Smaller but very much like sugar tongs, for serving bon bons (chocolates
or other confections).
Bon Bon Spoon (4 1/2" to 5 3/4")
A small serving spoon with partially flattened end, usually reticulated,
for serving bon bons (chocolates), mints, etc.
Butter Pick, Two Tine  (5" to 6 1/2")
Small fork with two tines, which are sometimes barbed.  Same usage
as the one tine butter pick.  Today, several manufacturers of old
patterns have renamed this useful fork and now market them as pickle forks.
Butter Pick, One Tine  (5" to 6 1/2")
A spear shaped device on a handle used to spear butter pats or curls
from the butter dish onto the diner's plate.
Butter Knife, Master  See Master Butter Knife.
Buffet Spoon  (8" to 9")
Identical to a tablespoon, but with a fancier bowl.  Only a few manufacturers produced these spoons, so they are
not commonly found.  Also note that "buffet spoon" is another name for a dressing spoon, but is an entirely
different type of spoon.
Buckwheat Cake Server  (7 1/2" to 9")
Bread Knife  (11" to 13")
Knife with a very long, serrated blade.  Very similar to a wedding
cake knife, and sometimes offered by manufacturers as either/or, if a
company makes two different knives, the bread knife will have a straight blade where the blade on a wedding
cake knife will be curved.  
Bread Fork
Butter Knife Pick  (5 1/2" to 6 1/2")
An unusual serving piece consisting of a blunt ended blade, one side
having a cutting edge and the other side having two or three short tines.  
For use with cubed butter, an individual portion is cut by the user then
the knife is turned over and the pat is picked up and transferred to the plate with the tines.
Brandy Ladle  (13" to 14")
Butter Fork  (6" to 7")
Unusual fork characterized by having the ends of its tines bent upward.  
Used much like a butter pick to spear and serve pats of butter.
Bottle Opener  (5 1/2" to 6")
Barware.  A gadget for removing pry-off lids from bottles consisting of
a stainless steel business end with silver handle.  Also called a cap lifter.
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