Champagne Puller  (7" to 8")
A clamp-like device for pulling a champagne cork out of the bottle.
Champagne Ladle
Cayenne Scoop
A hard to find long, thin handled spoon with tiny, usually scoop shaped
bowl used for serving cayenne pepper.  Small jars designed for holding
the cayenne often had a cayenne spoon built into the lid.
Caviar Knife
Caviar Fork
Casserole Spoon  (8" to 9)
A large serving spoon with large deep bowl which is often ovoid or teardrop shaped.  The name is often used
interchangeably with a berry spoon in today's patterns.  In older patterns, the bowl of a casserole spoon is not as
fancy as the bowl of a berry spoon.
Carving Skewer  (See Joint Fork)
Cap Lifter  (See Bottle Opener)
Cake Server
Cake Saw
Large all sterling knife-like piece with very long blade which is
characterized by having saw-like toothed serrations on the cutting
edge.  For cutting and serving cake.
Cake Knife  (9" to 10")
Cake Fork / Cake Serving Fork  (8" to 9")
Long, somewhat narrow forks with long flat tines for serving cake.  
Cake forks often have bars or decorative silver work between the
tines.  Used for serving small individual cakes or pastries.
Cake Breaker / Cake Comb  (10" to 11")
Sterling handled piece with stainless steel many-tined insert for cutting
and serving light cakes, especially angel food and sponge cake.  The
form was invented by Carl J. Schneider in 1932.
Caddy Scoop / Caddy Shell / Caddy Ladle  See Tea Caddy Scoop.
Champagne Muddler  See Other Place Pieces.
Cheese Knife
A modern long bladed knife with a two prongs on the end, used for slicing cheese and transferring it to the plate.
Cheese Grater  (9" to 9 1/2")
A modern sterling hollow handled piece with stainless steel grater.  For
grating Parmesan and other hard cheeses at the table.
Cheese Cleaver  (7" to 7 1/2")
A small replica of a meat cleaver for cutting hard cheeses.
Cheese Server  (6" to 7")
For slicing and serving semi-soft cheeses, especially those with a crust
such as Brie.  Blades are usually silverplate or stainless steel, but
all sterling pieces can be found in older patterns.
Cheese Scoop
Often offered in both a large (7 1/2" to 8 1/2") and a small (5 1/2" to 6")
size.  The scoop end consists of sides which are rolled up, forming a
cylindrical shape.  For serving portions from a whole or large block of
crumbly cheeses such as Stilton and wax covered cheeses such as Gouda.
Cheese Plane  (8" to 8 1/2")
A modern sterling hollow handled piece with stainless steel flat plate
with a cutting edge notched into it.  The plane is drawn against a block
of cheese to produce an even slice which is then lifted by the flat end
to serve.
Cheese Pick / Cheese Pick Knife  (6 1/2" to 7 1/2")
Similar in form and size to a master butter knife, but with the addition
of tines on one side.  A piece of cheese is sliced from a larger block with
the cutting edge, the tined side then being used to transfer the cheese
to the plate.
Chafing Dish Fork and Spoon (12 1/2" to 13 1/2")
Large serving pieces offered by a few manufacturers, having either
wooden or ivory handles.  These utensils were made this way so the
serving pieces could remain in a hot chafing dish without the handles
becoming too hot to pick up.
Can Opener  (5" to 6")
Chafing Dish Skimmer  (13" to 15")
A long handled utensil with a rounded, very flat bowl.  As a chafing dish has a heat source under it, occasionally
unwanted foamy solids would rise to the top, and the skimmer was used to remove the foam.  As with the chafing
dish fork and spoon, the chafing dish skimmer was made with wooden or ivory handles.
Cheese Knob  (2 1/2" to 3")
A decorative or ring-shaped handle with a corkscrew-like shaft projecting from the bottom.  A cheese knob is
twisted into the top of a cheese ball and used as a handle to hold the ball in place while cutting into it.
Champagne Opener  (5" to 6")
A device consisting of a handle with stubby knife blades of differing sizes and shape on each end.  The blades are
used to cut both the cage and foil away from a bottle of champagne and can also be used to help pry off the cork.
Cheese Wire Cutter  (8" to 8 1/2")
Silver handled implement utilizing a taut thin wire used to slice into semi
soft cheese.
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