Drink Stirrer  (8" to 9")
Dressing Spoon - With or without button  (11 1/2 to 15")
A very long handled spoon with large bowl for the serving of dressing
(stuffing) from the cavity of a roasted turkey and other large game
birds.  In the basic shape of a tablespoon.  The dressing spoon is also
called a basting spoon, buffet spoon gravy spoon, hash spoon, platter spoon,
ragout spoon, stuffing spoon, and a turkey spoon.  Some of these names originally
represented different utensils of the same shape but of varying lengths, but the
names today have become interchangeable.  A dressing spoon often comes with a
short protrusion on the back called a "button."  The purpose of the button is to
hook it onto the side of a large platter while not in use so the spoon doesn't slide into
the plate of food, thus the handle remains unsoiled and ready for use.
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Duck Shears  See Pouldry Shears.