Fruit Serving Spoon  See Berry Spoon.
Fish Set
A two piece serving set made en suite consisting of a fish fork and a fish slice.
Fish Knife
Usually accompanied by a fish fork, the fish slice is a large implement
with a long flat asymmetrical serving blade that is somewhat scimitar
shaped.  The lower edge of the blade normally curves upward to a
point; the upper edge being wavy or decorative.  The blade may be solid
or reticulated, and it is often decorated with fish motifs.  For cutting and serving portions from a large fish.
Fish Fork / Fish Serving Fork  (8" to 9")
Normally part of a two piece fish set, the fish fork has either a large number of
tines or three or four tines that are very wide to hold and serve what can be
delicate or flaky fish.
Filet Knife
A knife with a long, very thin blade used for the de-boning of fish so as to
retain the shape of the fish in the process.
Fried Egg Server  (9 1/4" to 9 3/4")
Utensil with flat rounded serving end, similar to a tomato server but larger.  Pierced
versions of this utensil are usually poached egg servers.
Fried Chicken Tongs  (9" to 11")
Food Pusher  (3" to 4")  
Unusual item consisting of a handle and flat wide blade that sits 90
degrees from the handle.  Used by young children to move their food
onto a fork or spoon.
Fruit Scoop
Fried Oyster Server  (9" to 11")
Very similar in shape, size and appearance to a macaroni server, with
slightly larger bowl area and the tines usually often a bit wider or with
no tines at all.  Also similar to an entreé server.  If a silver manufacturer
offered a fried oyster server, an entreé server, and/or a macaroni server
all in one pattern, the fried oyster server is normally the largest of the three pieces.
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