Hotcake Lifter / Server  (7" to 8 1/2")
Similar in size and shape to a tomato server, but usually with an unpierced
serving blade.
Hors d'oeuvres Pick
Hooded Asparagus  See Asparagus Server, Hooded.
Honey Spoon
Very similar in appearance to and often confused with a horseradish spoon, the honey spoon usually has a more
rounded end with a slightly raised tip.  
Hash Spoon  See Dressing Spoon.
Ham Slicer
Hostess Set
Not an individual piece of flatware but rather a term applied by manufacturers and retailers to present pre-
packaged sets of various matching serving utensils.  A four-piece hostess set, for example, normally contains a
cold meat fork, gravy ladle, tablespoon and a sugar spoon.  Additional serving pieces are added to larger hostess
Horseradish Spoon  (6" to 6 1/2")
Similar in size to a teaspoon, but with an elongated, narrow bowl used for serving
prepared horseradish.  
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