Ice Cream Serving Spoon
Ice Cream Server
Ice Cream Scoop  (7 1/2" to 8")
Modern hollow handled/stainless steel implement with large deep bowl
end for scooping ice cream into ball-shaped servings.
Ice Cream Knife
Ice Cream Hatchet  (9" to 11")
An ice cream slice made in the shape of a hatchet.
Ice Scoop  (8" to 9")
Modern hollow handled implement with stainless steel scoop used for
serving ice from an ice bucket.
Ice Cream Slice  (10" to 12")
Thomas Jefferson introduced ice cream to the United States while he
was president.  Making ice cream, however, was a long and arduous
process, made much easier in 1848 with the invention of the hand crank
ice cream machine.  When ice cream was purchased commercially, it was sold in rectangular blocks.  The ice
cream slice was designed to cut into these blocks; they have a curved leading edge to allow a rocking motion
with the knife.
Ice Tongs  (6 1/2" to 7 1/2")
Medium sized U-shaped tongs with bowl shaped, often reticulated
gripping ends.  Used to serve ice cubes from an ice bucket.
Ice Spoon  (7 1/2" to 9")
Large serving piece with a large bowl, reticulated to allow melted ice
water to drain before serving.  Ice spoons were usually made using a
heavy gauge silver so it wouldn't get damaged if ice needed to be broken
Infant Feeding Spoon  (6" to 6 1/2")
Short spoons with long narrow handle and small oval bowl, rather like
a miniature iced tea spoon, to be used by an adult to feed pureed food
to an infant.  The lower photo is the infant feeding spoon offered by
The Stieff Co. (note the unusual bowl).
Ice Cream Shovel  (9" to 10")
Large spoon with shovel shaped end for serving ice cream.
Ice Pick  (7" to 8")
A utensil resembling an awl with a sharp stiletto-type steel end.  In the
days before modern refrigeration, the ice pick was used to chip at large
blocks of ice.  Today, if used, they are found alongside the ice bucket to break up pieces of ice that have become
stuck together.
Ice Breaker  (8" to 10")
Long implement with blunt end used for breaking up ice in the ice
bucket or bowl.
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