Joint Fork  
A carving fork with two very sharp, very widely spaced tines for securely
holding a joint of meat while being carved.  Will often have a guard just
below the handle to protect the carver.
Jelly Roll Knife / Server  (10" to 11")
Jelly Fork
Jellied Cranberry Server  See Jelly Spoon.
Jam Spoon  See Jelly Spoon.
Jelly Knife
With a handle similar in length to a teaspoon, the bowl of a jelly spoon
is flat, coming to a point, with a slightly raised right edge.  A serving of
jelly is cut with the flat edge, which then allows it to slide off easily onto
the plate.  Used to serve molded jelly, such as jellied cranberry sauce or aspic.
Jelly Knife  (7" to 8")
Utensil with a long flat blade with a cutting edge.  Used to slice and serve molded
Jelly Server
Similar to a jelly knife, but without a cutting edge.  Used for serving thick
jellies and aspics.
Julep Strainer  (4" to 5 1/2")
Almost identical to a tea strainer, but on a slightly smaller scale.  These pieces are so difficult to discern from
tea strainers, and also toddy strainers, that manufacturers' catalogs should be referenced to tell them apart.
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