Lobster Fork
Lemon Server
Lemon Juicing Tong
Lemon Fork  (4" to 5 1/2")
Short fork with narrow tines, the outer two usually splayed outward.  
For serving lemon slices or wedges.  A particularly rare form of lemon
fork includes a spur set at a 45 degree angle from the tines intended to
limit the depth the tines penetrate the lemon.
Lemonade Spoon (12" to 14")
Very long straight spoon with either a solid or reticulated bowl.  The lemonade spoon remains placed in a
pitcher of lemonade and used to stir the contents upon each pouring.
Leg o' Mutton Holder
Similar to the bone and squab holders, this is the largest of the three.  While getting ready to
carve, the socket of the holder would be fit over a ham or mutton joint and then fixed with a
thumb screw.  The leg of meat could then be held firmly in place for carving.
Layer Cake Server
Lasagna Server
Modern hollow handled server with stainless steel straight edged spatula-like end.  
Facilitates the cutting and serving of lasagna and other firm casserole type dishes.
Lettuce Spoon  (9" to 10")
A long, narrow handled spoon to be used with a lettuce fork when
serving lettuce and lettuce based salads.  
Lettuce Fork  (9" to 10")
A long fork with a narrow handle with thin, widely spaced, usually
flared tines.   For serving leafy lettuce and lettuce based salads.
Lettuce Set
A two piece set made en suite consisting of a lettuce fork and a
lettuce spoon.  The lettuce set is for serving lettuce-based salads and
are not made in today's patterns.
Lemon Knife  (8" to 9")
Hollow handled knife with straight edged steel or stainless steel blade, for cutting whole lemons.  Today they are
considered barware.
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