Punch Ladle  (11" to 15")
Very long, thin handled ladle, with one or two lips on the side of the
bowl to allow the punch to be poured without dripping.  This is the largest
of the ladles.  It has a smaller bowl than a soup ladle so as to not overfill
punch cups, but a longer handle than a soup ladle to accommodate the
depth of a punch bowl.  Modern examples often have sterling hollow handles with stainless
steel necks and bowls.  A rare but excellent form of a punch ladle includes a fruit strainer
on one side of the bowl as seen in the lower photo on the right.  See also
toddy ladle.
Platter Spoon  See Dressing Spoon.
Pizza Cutter
Pie Server  (9" to 11")
A large serving piece with triangular wedge shaped end used to lift slices of pie.
Pie Knife
Pickle Knife
Pickle Fork
Three or four tined fork, the outer two tines usually having barbed ends;
the tines themselves are usually a bit wide.  Pickle forks are often seen
in both long and short versions, often in the same pattern.   In the days
before refrigeration, pickles were canned; long pickle forks are for reaching into pickle jars and their shorter
counterparts are for serving pickles from a relish tray.  Today, most pickle forks have two tines.
Piccalilli Spoon  (6" to 7")
A hard to find spoon made by only a few manufacturers resembling an
iced tea spoon, but with a fancier bowl, the design of which was left up
to the manufacturer.  Often sold with an accompanying piccalilli fork.  
For serving piccalilli, a relish made from green tomatoes.  See also
chow chow spoon and chutney spoon.
Piccalilli Fork  (6" to 7")  See Piccalilli Spoon
Petite Four Server
Pea Serving Spoon / Pea Ladle  (9" to 9")
A spoon with a large reticulated, usually round bowl for serving peas
and other vegetables that need to be strained from their cooking liquid.
Pate Knife/Server   
Pastry Tongs
Pastry Serving Fork
Pastry Server
Parmesan Knife
Pap Spoon
Pudding Knife  (8" to 9")
Long handled server with large bowl.  The cutting side of the bowl is flat, the serving side is cupped.  Rather like
being half pie server and half berry spoon.  Used for serving steamed pudding.
Preserve Spoon
Poultry Shears  (10" to 11 1/2")
Sterling handled shears for cutting up cooked chicken, game birds, and
other poultry.
Potato Spoon
Poached Egg Server
Utensil with reticulated flat rounded serving end, similar to a tomato
server but longer.  This piece is always pierced so any water remaining
on the egg can drain through.  Unpierced versions are usually fried egg
Pumpkin Spoon
Pudding Spoon  (9" to 10 1/2")
For serving steamed puddings.
Pickle Set
A two piece set consisting of a pickle fork and a pickle knife.  
Pickle Spear
Patty Server
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