Turkey Spoon  See Dressing Spoon.
Tea Strainer
A short handled piece with large round bowl full of small holes for
straining tea leaves.  For use when loose tea leaves are put directly
inside the tea pot, the strainer is then placed over a tea cup and used
to trap the loose leaves while the liquid is being poured into the cup.
Tea Ladle
An obsolete item, forerunner to the tea caddy scoop.  It is a ladle shaped scoop for spooning and measuring tea
from the tea caddy to the pot.
Tea Knife
Tea Fork
Tea Infuser / Stick Infuser / Tea Ball Spoon / Teaette  (5" to 6")
Various names for the same thing, the tea infuser comes in an array
of shapes.  The tea ball spoon is a teaspoon with a hinged, reticulated
lid.  Loose tea is put inside the infuser, which is covered with small
holes.  The filled infuser is then put into a cup of hot water to brew a
single cup of tea.
Tea Caddy Scoop / Caddy Spoon / Caddy Shell  
A small spoon or scoop with a large shallow bowl.   These are readily
seen with both short and long handles, both pictured here.  The short
versions are usually 2 1/2" to 3 1/2" long and the longer ones are
about 3 1/2" to 4 1/2".  Used to scoop and measure dry loose tea from
a tea caddy which is then put into a tea pot to brew.
Tart Server
Tablespoon, Solid  (8" to 9")
A large serving spoon with oval bowl.  Same shape as a dessert spoon
or teaspoon.
Tablespoon, Pierced  (8" to 9")
A large serving spoon with oval, pierced bowl, for serving any foods
that need to be drained before serving.
Tomato Server  (7 1/2" to 8 1/2")
A serving pieces with a large flattened serving area, usually reticulated
and decorative.  Used for serving fresh tomato slices or broiled tomato
halves.  The serving end of older patterns may be toothed on one side.  
Unpierced versions were usually sold as hotcake or buckwheat servers.
Toddy Ladle
A ladle for serving hot toddy from a toddy or punch bowl, usually with
one or two side lips on the bowl for pouring.  A bit smaller than a punch
ladle.  Toddy ladles usually have a wooden, bone or baleen handle to
prevent the handle from getting hot.
Toast / Bread Fork  (7" to 8")
A large three pronged fork, the tines usually being trident shaped.  
For serving bread from a bread basket or tray.
Terrapin Serving Spoon
Terrapin Fork
Toddy Spoon (6" to 7")
A utensil with a spoon bowl on one end and a sugar crusher on the other.  Also called a sugar water spoon.
Tomato Fork
Toddy Strainer  (4" to 5 1/2")
Almost identical to a tea strainer, but on a slightly smaller scale.  These pieces are so difficult to discern from tea
strainers, and also julep strainers, that manufacturers' catalogs should be referenced to tell them apart.
Toast Server  (8 1/2" to 10")
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