Retailer, Wholesaler, and Other Marks

Haely to Hendrick

Haely & Gavin

Bolivar, NY c. 1898-1906

Hagar & Beebee

Watertown, NY c. 1867-1872 and 1881-1891
Elias Hagar and Myron Beebee., jewelers.

Haight & Sterling

Newburgh, NY 1841-1843

Moses C. Haight

Buffalo, NY 1853-1861 and Geneva, NY 1862-1899

Hale & West

Lebanon, OH  c. 1864-1873
Merchants of jewelry, silver plated ware, and books.

Hall & Briggs

Lewiston, ME c. 1855

Charles Hale

Bangor, ME c. 1848-1865 and again 1875-1885;
Graton, NH 1865-1875
Was a partner in the firm of Fenno & Hale 1848-1859 and Charles Hale & Co. 1875-1885.

Daniel G. Hall

Gray, ME c. 1850; Auburn, ME c. 1860-1879

Horace D. Hall

Middletown, CT  c. 1830-1887

Morris B. Hall

Essex, CT 1866-1887
Jeweler and musical instrument dealer.

Hallett & Buckland

Springfield, MA 1871-1872

Hallett & Taylor

Springfield, MA 1872-1874

Samuel P. Hamilton

Knoxville, TN 1859-1863 and Savannah, GA c. 1865-1887
Was in the partnership of W.F. Hamilton & Bro. with William F. Hamilton 1859-1861.

James C. Hanna

New Castle, PA 1847-1898
Jeweler.  Was in the partnership of J.C. Hanna & Son 1885-1895 and Hanna & Eroe 1895-1898.

Samuel S. Hannaca

Boonsville, MO c. 1875-1896; Chicago, IL 1896-1898, and
Willow Springs, MO c. 1910-1928

David P. Hannaford

Norway, ME  1840-1860

Harbottle & Smith

Auburn, NY  1855-1867
A partnership between George Harbottle and Charles A. Smith.

George Harbottle

Auburn, NY c. 1832-1867
Was in partnership with John H. Chedell c. 1834-1850 and
then the firm of Harbottle & Smith 1855-1867.  Jeweler.

George Albert Harmon

Portland, ME c. 1860-1912

Harrington & Bullens

Worcester, MA c. 1866-1874
Henry Harrington and George R. Bullens, jewelers.

Harris & Hoyt

Montgomery, AL  c. 1859-1868
George W. Harris and William B. Hoyt, jewelers.

Harris & Shafer

Washington, DC  1870-1938
Organized as the Harris & Shafer Co. c. 1898; jewelers.

Harris & Wilcox

Albany, NY and Troy, NY 1846-1853
Herman J. Harris and Alanson D. Wilcox, watchmakers and jewelers.

Hart Bros.

Brooklyn, NY 1865-1883
See James H. Hart.

James H. Hart & Co.

Brooklyn, NY 1857-1865
See James H. Hart.

James H. Hart

New York, NY c. 1855-1856 and Brooklyn, NY 1856-c. 1910
Was in the partnerships of Jennings & Hart with Oscar S. Jennings c. 1855-1856, James H. Hart & Co. 1857-1865, and Hart Bros. 1865-1883.

Hartdegen & Co.

Newark, NJ c. 1883-1970s
Founded by Charles Hartdegen.

Fred Harvey Co.

Fred Harvey founded a restaurant and hotel empire in 1876 with an informal agreement with the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad to service the railroad’s customers with clean, high quality, affordable eating places at various stops along their route.  The “Harvey House” was an immediate success, and within a couple of years the first hotel was added.  Harvey also put in charge of foodservice on Santa Fe’s dining cars beginning in the 1890s.  Flatware made by others with the Fred Harvey name is abundant, and was used in both the restaurants and for train service.  Souvenir spoons were sold in the company’s souvenir stores.  The Fred Harvey Co. went out of existence when it was sold in 1968.

Harwood Brothers

Boston, MA 1859-1922
Founded by Charles and Willard Harwood.

L. & C. Harwood

Meredith Village (now Laconia), NH 1851-1853 and
Marlboro, MA 1853-1855
Lucien and Charles Harwood.

Alexander R. Hascy

Albany, NY 1829-1853 and New York, NY 1857-1866
Watchmaker and jeweler.

Volney Wells Haskell

Otis, MA c. 1840-1850

Haskins & Martin

Boston, MA 1832
Ralph Haskins and Valentine Martin.

Charles L. Haskins

Saratoga Springs, NY c. 1878-1920
Formed the partnership of C.L. Haskins & Co with W.E. Phelps
1887-c. 1893.  Jeweler.

Cyrenius W. Haskins

New Bedford, MA 1860-1892
Jeweler.  Was in the partnership of Dexter & Haskins 1860-1879.

William Henry Harrison Hatch

Portland, ME 1837-1885
Watchmaker and jeweler.  Was in the partnerships of Banks & Hatch 1837-1857 and Hatch & Cross 1860-1863.

H.A. Heath & Co.

Newport, RI c. 1867-1906 Jewelers.
Successors to Heath & Westcott (1860-c. 1867).

Theodore Selden Heath

Lee, MA c. 1849-1855 and Stockbridge, MA c. 1860-1868

David Heaton & Co.

Providence, RI c. 1857-1862 and 1868-1869.

Heeren Bros. & Co.

Pittsburgh, PA  1867-1934
Incorporated in 1919 as the Heeren Brothers Co.

Heinemann & Jenkins

Boston, MA  1850-1853
Bernard Heinemann and Nathaniel Jenkins; watchmakers, jewelers, and importers.

Bernard Heinemann (Heineman)

Boston, MA  1846-1857
Watchmaker, jeweler and importer.  Was in the partnership of Heinemann & Jenkins with Nathaniel Jenkins 1850-1853.

J.H. Heller & Son

New York, NY 1869-1878
John H. Heller and John H. Heller, Jr., jewelers.

Hemingway & Stevens

Hartford, CT 1858-1864
Leverett G. Hemingway and James R. Stevens, jewelers.

Oliver S. Hemphill

Philadelphia, PA 1853-1889

Henderson Bros.

Crystal Falls, MI c. 1900-1910

Henderson & Gaines

New Orleans, LA 1841-1865
William Henderson, John G. Gaines, and Samuel Z. Relf.  Succeeded by Gaines & Relf.

Adam Henderson

Poughkeepsie, NY 1817-1859

Alfred P. Hendrick

Nashua, NH c. 1860-1905
Watchmaker, jeweler, and engraver.