Silversmiths Directory & Sterling Marks

Alphabetical by Name

Eagle to Elliston

Eagle Sterling Co.

Glastonbury, CT 1894-1904
Successor to W.L. & H.E. Pitkin.


See Electrolytic Art Metal Co.

Easterling Co.

Chicago, IL  1944-1974
Sold six sterling flatware patterns direct to the consumer; the patterns were made by Gorham.
See flatware patterns.

Eastern Sterling Co.

New York, NY 1940s-Present
Makers of sterling Judaica.

Ebenezer Eastman

Danville, VT c. 1829-1850

Moses Eastman

Savannah, GA 1826-1850
Was a partner in the firm of J. Penfield & Co. in 1826-1828. Upon
Josiah Penfield’s death in 1828, Eastman continued the business under his own name.

Seth Eastman

Concord, NH 1826-1880
Was a partner with Robert Davis in the firm of Robert Davis & Co. 1826-1828.

Easton & Sanford

Nantucket, MA 1830-1838
James Easton, Jr. and Frederick C. Sanford.

James Easton, Jr.

Nantucket, MA 1828-c. 1870
Was a partner in the firm of Easton & Sanford 1830-1838.

Eastwood-Park Co.

Newark, NJ  1888-c. 1917
Makers of sterling vanity and novelty items and a small amount of flatware and holloware.

Eaton, Gordon & Bogert

Newburgh, NY 1856-1860
William R. Eaton, John Gordon, and William Bogert.  Produced goods for Ball, Black & Co.  When Eaton retired in 1860 the company was renamed Gordon & Bogert.

Isaiah Eaton

Walpole, NH 1793-1803 and Westminster, VT 1803-1840
Went into partnership with Benjamin Kindrick as the firm of Eaton & Kindrick 1803-1805.

James Benton Eaton (d. 1829)

Boston, MA 1805-1816

Eaves & Nye

Sacramento, CA c. 1857-1862 and Virginia City, NV 1862-1865
William T. Eaves and Emanuel Nye.
Justus A. Wright joined the firm in 1864 and it was renamed Eaves, Nye & Co.; Wright left around Feb., 1865, and the name went back to Eaves & Nye until they dissolved several months later.

Charles Eugene Eckel

Georgetown, DC c. 1813-1851

Eckfeldt & Ackley

New York, NY  1896-1930
Manufacturer of jewelry and novelties.

Benjamin Franklin Edmunds (1829-1885)

Manchester, NH 1848-1856; Boston, MA 1856-1861; and
New York, NY c. 1867-1874

J.T. Edwards & Co.

Chicago, IL 1847-1849

John Edwards (1671-1746)

Boston, MA c. 1694-1746
In the partnership of Allen & Edwards with John Allen
c. 1694-1702.

Joseph Edwards, Jr. (1737-1783)

Boston, MA c. 1758-1783

Robert W. Edwards

San Francisco and Oakland, CA c. 1870-1898

Samuel Edwards

Boston, MA 1726-1762

Thomas Edwards

Boston, MA c. 1721-1755

Anna Eicher

Park Ridge, IL c. 1900-1925
Maker of quality handwrought Arts & Crafts holloware, flatware, and other small items.

Louis C. Eisenschmidt (Eisensmith) (b. 1855)

Newport, KY  1882-c. 1920
Was in the partnerships of L.C. Eisenschmidt & Bro. with Walter Eisenschmidt c. 1895-1905 and Eisensmith & Lohmeyer with Edward G. Lohmeyer 1913-1927.

M. Eisenstadt Jewelery Co.

St. Louis, MO 1864-1981
Went by Eisenstadt Mfg. Co. from 1904 through the 1940s.

Electric Chain Co. of Canada

Toronto, ON, Canada  1916-c. 1950
Manufacturing jeweler, also made souvenir spoons.  Not the same company as the Electric Chain Co. of Attleboro, MA.

Electrolytic Art Metal Co.

Trenton, NJ c. 1909-1920
Makers of silver overlay products.

Eleder-Hickok Co.

See Lebkuecher & Co.

William R. Elfers (b. 1876)

New York, NY  1897-1932
Makers of sterling holloware and novelties.

Elgin American Mfg. Co.

Elgin, IL  1887-c. 1960
Makers of sterling vanity items, military insignia, cigarette cases, novelties and jewelry.  They also made cigarette cases under the HavOne brand name.  Became a division of the Illinois Watch Case Co. c. 1937.

Elgin Silversmiths Co.

New York, NY  1946-1976
Successor to Redlich & Co.  Acquired Currier & Roby.  Makers of sterling holloware.

Henry P. Elias (b.c. 1833)

Cincinnati, OH  1855-1868

John W. Ellingwood (1782-1860)

Beverly, MA  c. 1803-1807

John Aaron Elliott (1788-1864)

Sharon, CT c. 1809 and c. 1857 and Red Hook, NY c. 1850
Also worked in Michigan. His mark at left reads JAE.

Z. & W.S. Elliott

New York, NY 1815-1820
Zebulon & W.S. Elliott.

William Hartshort Elliott (1821-1902)

Manchester, NH  1841-1902
Silversmith, jeweler and optician.  Was in the partnership of W.H. Elliott & Son with Charles F. Elliott in 1881 and again 1892-1894.

Zebulon Elliott (1790-1875)

New York, NY 1814-1821; Salisbury, NC 1821-1822;
and Sag Harbor, NY 1822-1875
In the partnerships of Z. & W.S. Elliott 1815-1820 and Elliott & Burnham with E.B. Burnham 1821-1822.

P.W. Ellis

Toronto, ON, Canada 1877-1928
Founded by Philip W. Ellis and Matthew C. Ellis.  Taken over by Birks in 1928.

John Elliston (1793-1823)

Nashville, TN  1809-1823
Silversmith and clockmaker.

Joseph Thorp Elliston (1779-1856)

Nashville, TN  1797-c. 1820
Was in the partnership of Elliston & Heener in 1802 and Seay & Ellison c. 1816-1819.  Nashville’s first silversmith.  Served as Nashville’s fourth mayor 1814-1817. Although Elliston continued to own a clock, watchmaking, and jewelry business until 1856, it is believed he stopped silversmithing around 1820.