Silversmiths Directory & Sterling Marks

Alphabetical by Name

Gerould to Gordon

S.A. Gerould & Son

Keene, NH  1844-1866
Samuel A. Gerould and Samuel A. Gerould, Jr.

S.A. & J.H. Gerould

Keene, NH 1825
A partnership between Samuel A. Gerould and James H. Gerould.

Gerrish & Pearson

Portland, ME  1856-1878
Oliver Gerrish and Nathaniel Pearson.

Oliver Gerrish

Portland, ME  1819-1885
Was in the partnership of Gerrish & Pearson with Nathaniel Pearson 1856-1878.

Timothy Gerrish

Portsmouth, NH c. 1785-1815

John Ward Gethen

Philadelphia, PA 1810-1840

William Gethen

Philadelphia, PA 1797-1808

John Fitton Gibbs

Providence, RI c. 1805-1812

John G. Gibbs

Providence, RI 1773-1797

Joseph Nelson Gibbs

Medford, MA 1847-1893
Silversmith and watchmaker.

Michael Gibney

New York, NY c. 1836-1861
Michael Gibney was the first person in the U.S. to be issued a design patent for a flatware pattern.
See flatware patterns.

Luther R. Gibson

Norfolk, VA 1845-1855

Christopher Giffing

New York, NY 1815-1860
In the firm of Giffing & Hebard with Henry Hebard in 1816.

Ellis Gifford

Fall River, MA 1836-1866

F.S. Gilbert

North Attleboro, MA  1879-1912
Was in the partnership of F.G. Pate & Co. 1879-1884.
Maker of sterling flatware, souvenir spoons, and novelties.

Philo B. Gilbert

New York, NY 1838-1868
Was in the partnerships of Gilbert & Cunningham 1838-1840 and Gilbert Cunningham & Co. 1841-1842.

William Gilbert

New York, NY c. 1767-1795
Served as a New York State Senator 1809-1812.

Leavitt Gill

Hingham, MA 1810-1840

P.J. Gill / Patrick Gill & Sons Co.

Woburn, MA 1911-Present
Founded by Patrick J. Gill, ecclesiastic silversmith.  The current business sells religious giftware and does silver repair and metal refinishing.

Joab Gillett

Cazenovia, NY 1810-1833 and Akron, OH 1841-1854
Silversmith, watchmaker, and jeweler.

Benjamin Clark Gilman (1763-1835)

Exeter, NH  c. 1785-1835
Silversmith, clockmaker, watchmaker, and engraver.

John Ward Gilman (1741-1823)

Exeter, NH  c. 1770-1823

Nathaniel Jenks Gilman (1817-1867)

Portland, ME  1844-1857
Partnered with Robert Follansbee in the firm of Gilman &
Follansbee in 1846. Silversmith, watchmaker, and jeweler.

Joseph S. Gilpin

Maysville, KY c. 1842-1863

John B. Ginochio (d. 1861)

New York, NY  1833-1861

Jean-Baptiste Francois Giquel (1777-1847)

New Orleans, LA  1810-1832

Gist Silversmiths

Placerville, CA 1968-Present
Makers of sterling novelties, jewelry, western items and equine silver. Website.

Glaze & Radcliffe

Columbia, SC 1848-1851
William Glaze and Thomas W. Radcliffe.

William Glaze (1815-1883)

Columbia, SC  1835-1882
In the partnerships of Radcliffe & Glaze with Thomas W. Radcliffe in 1835, Veal & Glaze with John Veal 1838-1841, and Glaze & Radcliffe with Thomas W. Radcliffe 1848-1851.

Herman W. Glendenning

Gardner, MA
Began working for Arthur Stone in 1920 and added his “G” mark under Stone’s trademark when he was deemed proficient. He attained the title of Master Craftsman by 1933.  Upon Stone’s retirement in 1937, Glendenning joined George C. Erickson at the Erickson Silver Shop.  Glendenning set up his own shop in 1971.  The mark shown was used beginning in 1955.

W.H. Glenny & Co.

Rochester, NY  1876-1911
Makers of sterling novelties, jewelry, and souvenir spoons.
See flatware patterns.

Edwin Glover

Fayetteville, NC 1842-1869 and 1873-1877 and
Charlotte, NC 1870-1872

Benjamin Goddard

Boston, MA c. 1830 and Worcester, MA c. 1834-1845
Was in the partnershp of B. Goddard & Co. with Frank A. Knowlton 1869-1870.

D. Goddard & Co.

Worcester, MA c. 1834-1845

D. Goddard & Son

Worcester, MA c. 1845-1852
Daniel Goddard and son Luther Daniel Goddard.

Daniel Goddard (1796-1884)

Worcester, MA  1817-1852
In the partnership of P. & D. Goddard with his brother Parley Goddard c. 1825-1829. Rufus D. Dunbar joined the firm and the name was changed to P. & D. Goddard & Co. until 1842. Was in the partnership D. Goddard & Co. 1834-1845 and also D. Goddard & Son 1845-1852.  Silversmith and watchmaker.

Luther Daniel Goddard

Worcester, MA 1840-1857
Was in the partnership of D. Goddard & Son with his father Daniel Goddard c. 1845-1852.

Nathan W. Goddard (1799-1877)

Nashua, NH  1841-1879
In the partnerships of Goddard & Perkins 1831-1833 and N.W. Goddard & Son c. 1864-1874.

Philip Goelet

New York, NY c. 1721-1748

Goldman Silversmiths Co.

New York, NY c. 1940-1945
Makers of sterling holloware and Judaica.

Goldsmith, Stern & Co.

New York, NY  1912-1933
Began as a thimble and jewelry manufacturing business when the firm of Stern Bros. & Co. was divided into two companies.  Stern Bros. & Co. also used the anchor mark prior to 1912.

J. & L. Gomph

Utica, NY  1867-1870
Brothers Jeremiah and Lewis Gomph.  Silverware manufacturers.

Julian Goodenow

New York, NY 1940s-1950s

Daniel Treadwell Goodhue (1794-1870)

Providence, RI  1824-1870
Was in the partnership of D.T. Goodhue & Son with son George B. Goodhue c. 1851-1865.

John Goodhue, Jr. (b. 1797)

Salem, MA 1822-1855; San Francisco, CA 1856-1861; and
Stockton, CA 1867-1870
Silversmith and jeweler.

Henry Gooding

Duxbury, MA c. 1815 and Boston, MA 1818-1856
Silversmith and watchmaker.

Josiah Gooding

Boston, MA 1836-1870
Silversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker.

Goodnow & Jenks

Boston, MA 1893-1905
Founded by Walter R. Goodnow and Barton P. Jenks.  Succeeded by Goodnow & Co. when Jenks left to become president of the Wm. B. Durgin Co. in 1905.

Silas H. Goodnow

Fitchburg, MA c. 1835-1844 and 1847-1858 8 and
Boston, MA c. 1844-1846
Was in the partnership of Goodnow & Burbank with Charles W. Burbank in Boston c. 1845 and later in Fitchburg the firm of Goodnow & Smith.

Goodrich & Vosburg

Milwaukee, WI 1852-1853

Goodwin & Dodd

Hartford, CT 1811-1821
A partnership between Horace Goodwin and Thomas Dodd.

Allyn Goodwin

Hartford, CT 1821-1852
In the partnership of H. & A. Goodwin with his brother Horace Goodwin 1821-1825.  Continued working after 1852 as a silverplater.

Horace Goodwin (1787-1864)

Hartford, CT  1810-1851
Was in the partnerships of Goodwin & Dodd with Goodwin 1811-1821 and then H. & A. Goodwin with his brother Allyn Goodwin 1821-1825.

Alexander S. Gordon (d. 1803)

New York, NY c. 1795-1803
A partner in the firm of A. & J. Gordon c. 1800.

George Gordon

St. John, NB 1798-1799; Newburgh, NY 1800-1824; and
New York, NY 1827-1830