Silversmiths Directory & Sterling Marks

Alphabetical by Name

LeHuray to Linker

Nicholas J. LeHuray, Sr. (1772-1837)

Philadelphia, PA 1809-1825 and 1828-1835;
and Ogletown, DE c. 1826

Nicholas J. LeHuray, Jr. (b.c. 1796-1846)

Philadelphia, PA  1821-1846
After LeHuray’s death in 1846, his brother Theodore
continued to run the business under his name until 1851.

Theodore LeHuray

Philadelphia, PA 1843-1851

Traugott Leinbach (Linebach)

Salem, NC 1821-1860

Karl F. Leinonen / Karl F. Leinonen & Son

Boston, MA c. 1932-Present
Was head smith at the Handicraft Shop 1901-1932 which became an independent
shop shortly thereafter. Karl’s son, Edwin, then joined the firm to become the
present Karl F. Leinonen & Son.

Benjamin Lemaire

Philadelphia, PA  1785-1789

Lemon & Kendrick

Louisville, KY  1832-1843
James Innes Lemon and William Kendrick.

James Innes Lemon / James I. Lemon & Co.

Louisville, KY  1828-1869
Was in the partnerships of Harris & Lemon with John C. Harris 1830-1832 and Lemon & Kendrick 1832-1843.  Partnered with Edmund J. Daumont in 1857 and they operated under the business name of James I. Lemon & Co., working primarily as jewelers and silver retailers. Son James Kendrick Lemon was added as a partner in 1865 and Daumont withdrew from the partnership in 1866.  James I. Lemon died in 1869 and the name of the business was changed in 1875 to James K. Lemon, working as a jewelry business.  He continued to work under his own name until his son, Brainard Lemon, joined the firm, changing the name to James K. Lemon and Son.  The business was incorporated in 1908 as Lemon & Son and closed c. 2020.

Lenau Co.

Attleboro Falls, MA  c. 1896-1899

Godfrey Lenhart

York, PA c. 1779-1819

Francis Lennert

Warwick Township, PA 1833-1842
Silversmith and clockmaker.

Lenox Silver, Inc.

New York, NY 1950s

George K. Lentz

Philadelphia, PA c. 1825

Leonard & Wilson

Philadelphia, PA  1847-1851

D. Gillis Leonard

Newburgh, NY c. 1841-1864
Partnered with Nelson Haight in the firm of Haight &
Leonard in 1847.

Jacob Leonard

Chesterfield, MD 1808; Georgetown, DC 1810-1816;
Washington, DC 1816-1827; and Fredericksburg, VA 1828

Samuel T. Leonard

Chestertown, MD 1805-1848

Peter Leret

Philadelphia, PA 1779-1780; Carlisle, PA 1782-1785; and Baltimore, MD 1787-1802

Charles LeRoux (1689-1745)

New York, NY  c. 1715-1743

John LeRoux

New York, NY c. 1730

Edward P. Lescure

Philadelphia, PA 1822-1861

A.J. & F.A. Leslie

Mobile, AL 1852-1871
Albert J. Leslie and Franklin A. Leslie.

F.A. & L. Lesquereux

Columbus, OH 1863-c. 1884
Founded by brothers Ferdinand A. Lesquereux and Leo Lesquereux, Jr.

John Letelier (Le Tellier / Le TeLier), Sr. and Jr.

Letelier Sr: Philadelphia, PA 1770-1793; Wilmington, DE 1793-1794
and 1798-1803; and Chester County, PA 1795-1798

Letelier Jr: Philadelphia, PA c. 1794; Chester County, PA 1796-1798;
Wilmington, DE 1799-1804; Washington, DC 1804-1808; Richmond, VA 1808-1819

To differentiate between father and son is difficult, and they both used the same marks on their silver.  It is known that Letelier, Sr. began working in Philadelphia in 1770. It is believed Letelier, Jr. began working alongside his father in Chester County, PA in about 1795. To date, experts have been unable to differentiate silver made by the father from that made by the son.

Ed Levin

New York, NY Mid-1950s-1964 and Bennington, VT 1964-Present
Modernist studio jeweler.

William Levis

Philadelphia, PA 1810-1814 and Lancaster, PA 1825-1837

Jonas Levy

Connersville, IN 1821; Cincinnati, OH 1825-1834; New York, NY 1835-1838;
Pulaski Co., AR 1841-1851; and Memphis, TN 1855-1860

Lewis Bros.

New York, NY 1885-1909
Makers of sterling novelty items.

Lewis & Smith

Philadelphia, PA 1805-1811
Partnership between Harvey Lewis and Joseph D. Smith.

Harvey Lewis

Philadelphia, PA 1802-1827
Was in the partnership of Lewis & Smith 1805-1811.

Isaac Lewis

Huntington, CT c. 1796 and Ridgefield, CT 1809-1815

John Lewis

Philadelphia, PA 1830-1864
Was a partner in the firm of Johnston & Lewis 1837-1842.

Samuel Lewis (b.c. 1817-1879)

Washington, DC  1840-1879

Esther Lewittes

Los Angeles, CA 1950s-1960s
Modernist studio jeweler.

Gabriel Lewyn (Liwyn, Lewin)

Baltimore, MD c. 1768-1780 and Philadelphia, PA c. 1780-1790

L’Hommedieu Brothers

Mobile, AL 1837-1849
John A. and William L’Hommedieu.

John Ayer L’Hommedieu

Mobile, AL 1837-1868
In the firm of L’Hommedieu Brothers 1837-1849.

Jacob George Lewis Libby (1797-1847)

Boston, MA 1818-1847 and Richmond, VA 1820
Silversmith and jeweler.

Liebs Silver Co.

New York, NY 1915-1931

Lincoln & Foss

Boston, MA 1848-1857
Partnership of Albert L. Lincoln and Charles M. Foss.  Successors to Lincoln & Reed.

Lincoln & Reed

Boston, MA 1838-1848
A partnership between Albert L. Lincoln and Gideon F.T. Reed.

Albert Lamb Lincoln

Boston, MA 1838-1875
Was a member of the firms of Lincoln & Reed 1835-1844; Lincoln & Foss 1848-1857; and Haddock, Lincoln & Foss 1857-1868.

Elijah Lincoln

Hingham, MA c. 1818-1833

George Lindner

Philadelphia, PA 1837-1872

Benjamin Lindsey (Linesey)

Providence, RI c. 1798-1805

Clark Lindsley (b. 1819)

Hartford, CT  1849-1859
In the partnership of Seymour & Lindsley 1854-1856.

Link & Angell

Newark, NJ 1898-1933
Successor to Link, Angell & Weiss.

Link, Angell & Weiss

Newark, NJ 1893-1898
Founded by William Link. Makers of small sterling items and jewelry.  Succeeded by Link & Angell.

William Link Co.

Newark, NJ 1910-1931
Business formed upon the death of William Link.

William Link

Newark, NJ 1871-1910
Was in the partnerships of William Link & Co. 1875-1882 and
Link & Conkling 1882-1886. Link’s business was incorporated as the William Link Co. upon his death in 1910.

William Linker

Philadelphia, PA 1906-c. 1915
Maker of sterling flatware, holloware and novelties.