Silversmiths Directory & Sterling Marks

Alphabetical by Name

Reese to Richardson

Philip Louis Reese (1839-1897)

Mt. Sterling, KY 1857-1886
Silversmith and jeweler.

Reeve & Heroy

Newburgh, NY 1813-1815
Joseph Reeve and Isaac Heroy.

Charles Reeve

Newburgh, NY 1825-1865

Joseph Reeve

Newburg, NY 1800-1828
Was in the partnership of Reeve & Heroy with Isaac Heroy
1813-1815 and then Reeve & Clark with Joseph Clark c. 1818.

Reeves & Sillcocks

New York, NY  1892-1897
A. Alling Reeves and Warren S. Sillcocks, Jr.

Reeves & Spear

Baltimore, MD 1850-1851
Joseph F. Reeves and Alexander L. Spear, silversmiths and jewelers.

Enos Reeves (1853-1807)

Philadelphia, PA 1784-1785 and Charleston, SC 1785-1807

Joseph F. Reeves

Baltimore, MD 1835-1857
Was in the partnerships of Reeves & Spear 1850-1851 and Reeves & Brown 1856-1857.

Maria Regnier (1901-1994)

Brentwood, MO 1935-1957; Savannah, GA 1957-1961; and Camden, AR 1961-1970
Hungarian born, Regnier came to the U.S. in 1921.  Attended the Rhode Island School of Design and William Dixon School, NY.

Frederick R. Reichel

San Francisco, CA c. 1856-1867
Began in c. 1856 as a jewelry manufacturer, and began making flatware and holloware in 1861.  Was in the partnership of Reichel & Koehler with William Koehler c. 1858-1859.

Otto Reichardt Co.

New York, NY 1922-1961
Makers of sterling holloware.

Elisha Reid

Milledgeville, GA 1814-1832; Putnam Co., GA 1832-1836; and
Columbus, GA 1836-1840
Was in the partnership of T. & E. Reid with Templeton Reid

J.C. Reiley & Co.

Louisville, KY 1816-1817 and Vincennes, IN 1817-1820

Relda Sterling

See Paul Adler.

Revere Silversmiths / Revere Silver Co.

Brooklyn, NY 1914-Present
Became Revere Silver Co., a division of Crown Silver, Inc. around 1960.  Makers of sterling holloware.

Paul Revere, Sr. (Appolos Rivoire) (1702-1754)

Boston, MA c. 1725-1754

Paul Revere, Jr. (1834-1818)

Boston, MA c. 1755-1818
Noted American patriot, Paul Revere, Jr. worked as a silversmith
and engraver. By 1788 he opened an iron and brass foundry,
and then in 1801 a copper mill which continues to this day.
Revere’s son, Paul Revere III, worked c. 1783-1813 as a
silversmith, and is best known for making buckles and spoons.

Thomas Revere, Jr. (b.c. 1766-1817)

Boston, MA 1789-1803
Nephew of Paul Revere, Jr., and most likely trained with him.

James F. Rhodes

Cincinnati, OH  1844-1856


See G.B. Stocking.

Ruth Rhoten

San Francisco, CA c. 1978-Present

Joseph Rice (1761-1807)

Baltimore, MD 1784-1801; Savannah, GA 1799-1801 and 1802-1807;
and Augusta, GA 1801-1802
Was a partner in the firm of Rice & Barry 1785-1787 with Standish
Barry and then Rice & Rutter in 1794 with Richard Rutter.

Joseph Taft Rice (1787-1854)

Albany, NY 1813-1853

Timothy W. Rice

Castleton, VT 1838-1864

William C. Rice

Philadelphia, PA  1835-1866

Obadiah Rich

Boston, MA 1830-1851
Rich was in the partnerships of Ward & Rich 1832-1835 and
Rich & Willard with Benjamin F. Willard 1846-1847.

Richard & White

New York, NY c. 1810
Stephen Richard and Samuel or Stephen White.

George E. Richard & Co.

New York, NY c. 1828-1831

Stephen Richard

New York, NY 1801-1829

Samuel R. Richards, Jr. (1765-1827)

Philadelphia, PA 1793-1818
In partnership with Samuel Williams of Richards & Williamson 1797-1800.

Thomas Richards

New York, NY  1802-1830
Silversmith and watchmaker.
Involved with a number of firms:
Sayre & Richards with John Sayre 1802-1813.
Foster & Richards with John Foster c. 1815.
Pelletreau & Richards with William S. Pelletreau c. 1825.
Richards & Morrell with William Morrell 1827-1830.

Richardson & Skinner

Keene, NH c. 1869-1870

Enos Richardson & Co. / Richardson Mfg. Co.

Newark, NJ  1866-c. 1957
Sales office in New York, NY.  Enos Richardson & Co. formed in 1866 as successors to Palmer, Richardson & Co.  Manufacturing by Enos Richardson & Co. ceased c. 1891 when it was succeeded by the Richardson Mfg. Co. with the New York sales office continuing as Enos Richardson & Co.  Makers of gold and sterling jewelry and novelties.

Joseph & Nathaniel Richardson

Philadelphia, PA 1777-1791
Succeeded their father, Joseph Richardson, Sr., upon his retirement in 1777.

Joseph Richardson, Sr. (1711-1784)

Philadelphia, PA 1731-1777

Joseph Richardson, Jr. (1752-1831)

Philadelphia, PA 1773-c. 1813
In the firm of Joseph & Nathaniel Richardson 1777-1791 and also
Richardson & Co. with James Howell 1795-1802. Appointed by
George Washington in 1795 as the assayer of the U.S. mint in
Philadelphia and retained that position until his death in 1831.

W . & G. Richardson

Richmond, VA 1782 and c. 1784-1798
Brothers William and George Richardson.

William Richardson

Richmond, VA 1769-1809
Was a partner with his brother George in the firm of W. & G. Richardson in 1782 and again c. 1784-1798.