Silversmiths Directory & Sterling Marks

Alphabetical by Name

Schultz to Shaw

A.G. Schultz & Co.

Baltimore, MD 1899-1950
Successors to Schultz, Tschudy & Co.  Makers of handwrought sterling holloware.

Schulz & Fischer

San Francisco, CA 1873-1888
William Schulz and Emil A. Fischer, both former employees of Friedrich Reichel.  Successors to Schulz, Fischer & Mohrig and Fisher & Schulz.  Makers of sterling flatware and holloware.  The lower mark shown is a representation of the California State Seal.
See flatware patterns.

Abraham Schuyler

Albany, NY c. 1725

Schweitzer Silver Corp.

Brooklyn, NY  1950s-1960s
Makers of sterling holloware and novelties.

Sciarrotta Silversmiths

Newport, RI  c. 1947-1975
Founded by Alfredo Sciarrotta.  Makers of quality handwrought sterling holloware.

Charles Nelson Scott

Worcester, MA 1870-1888
Joined the partnership of B. Goddard & Co. upon the death of Benjamin Goddard in 1870; the partnership dissolved in 1876. Was in the partnership of Scott & Stickley with Cyrus Stickley
c. 1884-1885.

Jas. T. Scott & Co.

New York, NY  1870-1901
Founded by James T. Scott with his sons Samuel C. Scott and James T. Scott, Jr.

James T. Scott

Philadelphia, PA 1847-1850; Wheeling, VA (now WV)
1852-1869; and New York, NY 1870-1883
Was in the partnership of James T. Scott & Co. with William H.
Hennegan 1860-1869 adding a second store in Pittsburgh, PA under the name of Scott & Hennegan 1864-1869. Hennegan bought out Scott in 1869 and went on to form Hennegan, Bates & Co. Scott formed Jas. T. Scott & Co. in 1870 with his sons Samuel C. Scott and James T. Scott, Jr.. Scott died in 1883 and the business was continued by his sons until 1894.

Jehu Scott

Raleigh, NC 1806-1819

John B. Scott

New York, NY c. 1820

William D. Scott

Louisville, KY 1841-c. 1849
Was in the partnership of Scott & Kitts 1843-1844.  He took on partners in 1848 under the name of W.D. Scott & Co. which lasted until c. 1849.

Scovil & Co.

Cincinnati, OH 1833-1837
Pulaski Scovil.

Scovil & Kinsey

Cincinnati, OH c. 1834-1836
Pulaski Scovil and Edward Kinsey.

Scovil, Willey & Co.

Cincinnati, OH 1836-1837
Pulaski Scovil and Bushnell Willey.

Pulaski Scovil (Scoville)

Brockport, NY 1831; Geneva, NY 1831-1832; Cincinnati, OH 1832-1837
In the partnerships of:
Scovil & Co. c. 1836
Scovil & Willey in 1836
Scovil & Kinsey in 1836
Scovil, Willey & Co. 1836-1837

Scovills & Buckingham

Oakville, CT 1840-1850
J.M.L. Scovill, L.M. Scovill, and John Buckingham.  A subsidiary of the Scovills & Co. of Waterbury, CT.

Russell Secrest

Rochester, NY 1950s-1960s
Attended the Rochester Institute of Technology School for American Craftsmen.  Made modernist sculptures and jewelry, selling through Shop One.  Also designed public art sculptures.

Seal & McMullin

Philadelphia, PA c. 1814-1815
William Seal, Jr. and John McMullin.

William Seal

Philadelphia, PA 1810-1822
Was in the partnership of Browne & Seal with Liberty Browne 1810-1813 and Seal & McMullin with John McMullin c. 1814-1815.

H. Sears & Son

Chicago, IL 1865-1895
Primarily a cutlery manufacturer, they also made some sterling and silverplate flatware.

Karl Sedlacek / Sedlacek & Co.

Los Angeles, CA 1918-c. 1940

Philip B. Segee

Bridgeport, CT c. 1845-1906

George Sehorn

Athens, TN 1823-1843

Seib & Ankeny

Richmond, IN  1867-1869
Theodore W. Seib and Charles H. Ankeny.

John Selph

Fayetteville, NC  c. 1807-1838
In the partnerships of Selph & Tisdale with William Tisdale II c. 1820, Selph & Campbell with John Campbell 1826-1829, and Selph & Pyle with Benjamin Pyle II 1837-1838.

Henry Semken

Washington, DC  1853-1889
Silversmith and jeweler.  Was in the partnerships of C. Warriner & Co. and Warriner & Semken with Chauncey Warriner 1853-1854.

William Senter / W. Senter & Co.

Portland, ME 1836-1888
Was in the partnership of Lowell & Senter 1836-1869. Operated
under the business name of William Senter & Co. 1874-1888 (his nephew continuing to operate as William Senter & Co. until 1926).

Pliny Sexton

Palmyra, NY 1819-1820

Seymour & Hollister

Hartford, CT  1843-1846
A partnership of Oliver D. Seymour and Julius Hollister.

Seymour & Lindsley

Hartford, CT  1854-1856
Founded by Oliver D. Seymour and Clark Lindsley.  By 1855, O.D. Seymour was no longer a member and had been replaced by Henry P. Seymour.

Joseph Seymour, Sons & Co.

Syracuse, NY  1879-1898
Successor to Joseph Seymour & Sons.

Joseph Seymour & Son / Joseph Seymour & Sons

Syracuse, NY  1870-1879
Started as Joseph Seymour & Son 1870 with Joseph Seymour and Joseph Seymour, Jr. as partners.  Edward G. Seymour and George F. Comstock, Jr. joined the firm in 1879 and the name was changed to Joseph Seymour & Sons.  Succeeded later in 1879 by Joseph Seymour, Sons & Co.

Joseph Seymour (1815-1887) / Joseph Seymour & Co.

Utica, NY 1835-c. 1842 and Syracuse, NY c. 1842-1844 and 1846-1887
Silverware manufacturer.  Seymour was a partner in the following businesses:
Willard, Hawley & Co. 1846-1848.
Norton & Seymour with Benjamin R. Norton 1848-1854.
Norton, Seymour & Co. 1854-1857.
Joseph Seymour & Co. with Joseph Hall 1857-1864.
Joseph Seymour & Son with Joseph Seymour, Jr. 1870-1879.
Joseph Seymour & Sons in 1879.
Joseph Seymour, Sons & Co. 1879-1887.

Jos. Seymour Mfg. Co.

Syracuse, NY  1898-1904
Successor to Joseph Seymour, Sons & Co.  Makers of sterling flatware.
See flatware patterns.

Henry Phelps Seymour (1818-1875)

Hartford, CT  c. 1855-1858
In the partnership of Seymour & Lindsley with Clark Lindsley c. 1855-1856.

Oliver DeWitt Seymour (1820-1891)

Hartford, CT  1843-1854
Was in the partnerships of Seymour & Hollister with Julius Hollister 1943-1846 and Seymour & Lindsley with Clark Lindsley in 1854.

Sharp & Floyd

Atlanta, GA 1871-1872
George Sharp, Jr. and Eugene B. Floyd.

Daniel C. Sharp

Philadelphia, PA  c. 1861-1869
In the partnership of Daniel C. Sharp & Co. with Henry Harper
and Philip Stahl 1868-1869.

George B. Sharp (1819-1904)

Philadelphia, PA  1844-1874
Sharp produced exclusively for Bailey & Co. 1852-1866

George Sharp, Jr. (b. 1835)

Danville, KY 1857-1864 and Atlanta, GA 1864-1877
In the firm of Sharp & Floyd 1871-1872.

James S. Sharrard

Georgetown, KY 1838-1839; Paris, KY 1840; Shelbyville, KY
1841-1856; Henderson, KY 1859-1863; and Louisville, KY 1863-1880

William M. Sharrard

Henderson and Harrodsburg, KY 1859-1870 and
Princton, KY 1876-1883

Charles C. Shaver (1835-1900)

Utica, NY  1856-1857 and 1863-1900
Silverware manufacturer.  Was in the partnership of Brown & Shaver with Henry S. Brown 1856-1857.

Michael Shaver (1775-1859)

Abingdon, VA  1801-1856

Shaw & Dunlevy

Philadelphia, PA 1833

John Shaw / J. Shaw & Co.

St. Louis, MO 1835-1852
Was in the partnership of J. Shaw & Co. 1842-1852.

John Allen Shaw (1775-1837)

Newport, RI  c. 1795-1819
Was a partner with Nicholas Geffroy in the business of John A. Shaw & Co. c. 1802.