Silversmiths Directory & Sterling Marks

Alphabetical by Name

Spear to Steele

Spear & Jones

Savannah, GA  1840-1842
James E. Spear and G.W. Jones.

Alexander L. Spear (b.c. 1822-1891)

Baltimore, MD  1850-1891
Was in the partnership of Reeves & Spear in 1851.

James E. Spear (1817-1871)

Savannah, GA 1840-1844 and Charleston, SC 1845-1871
Was in the partnerships of Spear & Jones with G.W. Jones in 1840-1842 and J.E. Spear & Co. with J. Charles Wood 1848-1851.

Thomas Spear, Jr. (1792-1868)

Bloomfield, NJ  c. 1817-1868
Silversmith, jeweler, clockmaker, and watchmaker.

David Huston Spears (1798-1878)

Carpenters’ Station, KY c. 1815-1820 and Springfield, KY 1820-1878

Speer & Cosper

Chicago, IL  1852-1853

Isaac Speer (1809-1879)

Newark, NJ c. 1838 and Chicago, IL c. 1842-1879
Was in the partnerships of Speer & Edwards with William Edwards 1846-1847 (this firm had a
second store in Milwaukee, WI); Speer & Cosper 1852-1853; and I. & C.W. Speer with Charles W. Speer 1861-1879.

Spencer & Teague

Charleston, SC  1860-1862
George W. Spencer, J.N. Teague, with William H. Gilliland as a special partner.

Spiegelhalder & Werne

Louisville, KY 1836-1858
A partnership between Ferdinand Spiegelhalder and Joseph Werne, Sr., which ended upon Werne’s death in 1858.

Hezekiah S. Sprague (1800-1886)

Wooster, OH 1820-1829 and Newark, OH 1830-c. 1880
Silversmith and jeweler.

Lindel Sprague (1798-1881)

Columbus, OH 1815-1820 and Wooster, OH 1820-1875
Formed a partnership with his brother Hezekiah Sprague under the name of L. & H. Sprauge 1820-1829.

David M. Spurgin (1814-1892)

Carlisle, KY 1833-1847; Winchester, KY 1847-1852; and
Greencastle, IN 1853-1892
Silversmith, jeweler, and photographer.  In the partnership of D.M. Spurgin & Son c. 1868-1892.

Squire & Brother

New York, NY 1845-1853
Partnership of Bela Scoville Squire and Seth P. Squire.

Squire & Lander

New York, NY 1855-1870
Partnership of Bela Scoville Squire and Tobias D. Lander.

Bela S. Squire (1810-1882)

New York, NY 1834-1882
Involved in a number of partnerships:
Benedict & Squire with Martin Benedict 1839-1845.
Squire & Brother with Seth P. Squire 1845-1853.
Squire, Lander & Co. with Horatio N. Squire and Tobias D. Lander 1853-1855.
Squire & Lander with Tobias D. Lander 1855-1870.

Seth P. Squire (1815-1901)

New York, NY 1845-1888
Partnered with his brother in the firm of Squire & Brother 1845-1853.  Silversmith, watchmaker, and jeweler.

Philemon Stacy (1798-1829)

Boston, MA  1819-1829

John Staniford (1737-1811)

Windham, CT 1760-1792
In the partnership of Elderkin & Staniford in 1790-1792.

Stanley & Ayer

Concord, NH 1857-1885
J. Byron Stanley and Richard H. Ayer.

J. Byron Stanley (1830-1884)

Concord, NH  c. 1850-1884
In the partnerships of Reed & Stanley with George P. Reed c. 1850-1851 and later Stanley & Ayer 1857-1884 which continued another year after his death in 1884.

Daniel Stanton (1755-1781)

Stonington, CT  1775-1780
Was in the partnership of D.E. & Z. Stanton with his brothers
Enoch and Zebulon Stanton.

Enoch Stanton (1745-1781)

Stonington, CT  c. 1770-1780
Partnered with brothers Daniel and Zebulon Stanton in the firm of D.E. & Z. Stanton 1775-1780.  An army lieutenant, Stanton died during the Revolutionary War in defense of Fort Griswold in 1781.

W.P. & H. Stanton / Stanton & Bro.

Rochester, NY  1826-1866
A partnership between brothers William P. and Henry Stanton.
Advertised as Stanton & Bro. 1845-1850.

Zebulon Stanton (1750-1828)

Stonington, CT  1775-1828
Was in the partnership of D.E. & Z. Stanton with brothers
Daniel and Enoch Stanton 1775-1780.

Henry Burrill Stanwood / H.B. Stanwood & Co.

Boston, MA 1839-1868
In the partnership of Harris & Stanwood 1839-1850. Operated as
H.B. Stanwood & Co. 1853-1862 then Shreve, Stanwood & Co.
(which would become Shreve, Crump & Low Co.) 1862-1868.
Silversmith and jeweler.

William T. Stark (b.c. 1790-1858)

Xenia, OH  c. 1832-1853

Starr & Marcus

New York, NY  1864-1877

Richard Starr (1785-1849)

Boston, MA  c. 1807

Theodore B. Starr

New York, NY  1877-1924
Maker and retailer of quality holloware and small amount of flatware. Acquired by Reed & Barton.

State House

A line of three sterling flatware patterns intended for private distribution and made by Oneida.
See flatware patterns.

Stauffer & Harley

Philadelphia, PA 1851-1863

Stebbins & Co.

New York, NY 1845-1856
William Stebbins and Alexander Rumrill, Jr.

Stebbins & Howe

New York, NY 1827-1831
Edwin Stebbins and George C. Howe.

E. Stebbins & Co.

New York, NY 1835-1845
Edwin Stebbins.

Thomas E. Stebbins / T.E. Stebbins & Co.

New York, NY 1827-c. 1835
Was in the partnerships of T. & C. Stebbins in 1827 and T.E. Stebbins & Co. c. 1835.

John Cooper Stedman (1799-1833)

Raleigh, NC  1819-1833
In the partnership of Savage & Stedman with John Y. Savage 1819-1820.

Steele & Crocker

Hartford, CT 1836-1844
Thomas Steele and Horace B. Crocker.

James P. Steele (1811-1893)

Rochester, NY  1835-1880
Was in the partnerships of Steele & Hocknell with Geeorge Hocknell 1834-1835 and Steele & Crocker with John G. Crocker 1835-1838.

Oliver C. Steele

Richmond, KY  1830-1840

T. Steele & Co.

Hartford, CT 1858-1866
Thomas Steele and Dwight H. Buell.

T. Steele & Son

Hartford, CT 1866-1887
Thomas Steele and son Thomas Sedgwick Steele, who continued with the same business name after his father’s death in 1875.

Thomas Steele (1812-1875)

Boston, MA and Hartford, CT 1837-1875
Was in the firms of Steele & Crocker with Horace B. Crocker
1836-1844; T. Steele & Co. with Dwight H. Buell 1858-1866; and
T. Steele & Son with T. Sedgwick Steele 1866-1875.  Silversmith, watchmaker and jeweler.