Retailer, Wholesaler, and Other Marks

Fairchild to Furtwangler

G.W. Fairchild & Sons

Bridgeport, CT c. 1890-1960s

Isaac Maltby Fairchild

Waterloo, NY c. 1850-1895

Farr & Bro.

Philadelphia, PA 1861-1877
William M. Farr and George W. Farr, Jr., jewelers.

Farr & Thompson

Philadelphia, PA 1853-1858
Watch importers and gold pen manufacturers.

John S. Farr

Norwich, NY; Elmira, NY; Bath, NY; and Addison, NY c. 1835-c. 1885
Watchmaker and jeweler.

Billings Stowell Farrington

Woonsocket, RI  c. 1840-1885

Feagans & Co.

Los Angeles, CA 1911-1927
Jewelry business founded by George E. Feagans.

Albert Feldenheimer

Portland, OR 1885-1936
Patented several souvenir spoon designs in 1891 and 1892 which were made by Gorham and Durgin. Went under the name of A. & C. Feldenheimer c. 1899-1936 when his brother Charles joined the business. Jeweler.

Fellows & Younge

New York, NY c. 1816-1819
Imported silver from Bradbury & Sons, Sheffield, England.

Fenno & Fairbanks

Boston, MA c. 1852 Jewelers.
James E. Fenno and James H. Fairbanks.

Ferguson & Craig

Champaign, IL c. 1895-1910
W.I. Ferguson and T.H. Craig; jewelers and opticians.

Ferguson & Page

St. John, New Brunswick, Canada 1888-1932
Founded by James Ferguson and Henry C. Page.

James B. Fidler

Philadelphia, PA 1847-1861

George Finck

San Francisco, CA 1871-1883; Burlington, IA 1885;
Chicago, IL c. 1890-1896

Fiske & Goddard

Worcester, MA c. 1858-1861

Flagg & Chapin

Springfield, MA c. 1828-1835

Charles W. Flagg

Woonsocket, RI c. 1875-1905

Charles W. Fogg

Waltham, MA 1842-1859
Watchmaker and jeweler.  Worked as superintendent of the American Watch Co. factory 1861-1876.

Julian Augustus Fogg / Julian A. Fogg & Co.

Salem, MA c. 1860-1910
Worked as Julian A. Fogg & Co. 1868-1877 with a branch
in Boston.  Manufacturing jeweler.

Andrew Foley

Wellsboro, PA c. 1855-1875

A. & L. Forbes

St. Louis, MO c. 1840-1848
Fancy goods merchants.

Foster & Blanchard

Gloucester, MA  c. 1909-1913
Jeremiah Foster and William E. Blanchard, jewelers.

Fox & Fulmer

Easton, PA  1880-c. 1927
Founded by Eli M. Fox and his nephew Eli Fulmer; jewelers and opticians.

Foye & Gleason

Boston, MA 1864-1866 and c. 1868-1870

G.O. Foye & Son

Athol, MA c. 1885-1929

A. Frankfield & Co.

New York, NY c. 1857-1920
Jewelers and importers.

Franklin & Frank

Cincinnati, OH c. 1853-1861
Manufacturing and wholesale jewelers.

Frantz Bros. & Co.

New Orleans, LA 1898-1902

Robert L. Frazer

Lawrence, KS c. 1856-1869 and 1870-1877
Watchmaker and jeweler.

Frederick & Nelson

Seattle, WA 1890-1992
Department store acquired by Marshall Field in 1929. Sterling items were made for them by other companies and bear the Frederick & Nelson name.

Morris M. Fredrick

San Francisco, CA 1859-1860; Virginia City, NV c. 1865 and
1871-1889; and Seattle, WA c. 1905-1906
Had a branch stores in Reno, NV, and Bodie, CA.

Victor Freisinger

Atlantic City, NJ  1895-1913
Fancy and art goods merchant with branches in Baltimore, MD, Philadelphia, PA, Newport, RI, and Boston, MA.

Abram French & Co.

Boston, MA 1869-c. 1902 and Chicago, IL 1874-c. 1902
Successor to Bassett, French & Co.  Importers and fancy goods merchants.

Freeman & Taylor

Boston, MA 1878-1908

J.J. Freeman & Co.

Toldeo, OH 1895-1914 Jewelers.
Succeeded by Broer Freeman Jewelers, which is still in business today.

Wiliam H.M. Freeman

Downington, PA c. 1875-1881 and West Chester, PA 1881-1898

J.M. Freeman & Son

Norfolk, VA 1854-1857 and 1870-1871
Watchmakers and jewelers.

Charles Christian Fried

Springfield, OH 1872-1907
Continued as C.C. Fried & Sons Co. until 1940.

P. Fries & Son

Philadelphia, PA 1866-1894
Phineas and Edgar Fries, watchmakers and jewelers.

A.F. Froeb & Co.

Terre Haute, IN  c. 1889-1904
Albert F. Froeb with an unknown partner.  Froeb remained in business in Terre Haute until his death in 1937.  At that point his children formed the A.F. Froeb Co. which remained in business until 1957.

Newton Alvin Frost

Hanover, NH 1875-c. 1906

Leopold Furtwangler

Greensburg, PA  1850-1900