Retailer, Wholesaler, and Other Marks

Gallup to Gurney

William Gallup

Licking, OH 1841-1845; Covington, KY 1845-1851; and
Tiffin, OH 1851-1884
Watchmaker and jeweler.

Julius Garson

New York, NY 1852-1880 Jeweler and importer.

Samuel Gardiner, Jr.

Milwaukee, WI 1847-1852

H. Garman & Son

Coatesville, PA 1906-c. 1980

Gates & Pohlman

Nashville, TN 1865-1885 William T. Gates and William H. Pohlman;
watchmakers and jewelers.

Gates & Trask

Aurora, IL c. 1859-1863 Watchmakers and jewelers.

Levi B. Gay

Nashua, NY 1856-1865 and Boston, MA 1865-1875

J.G. Gehring & Son

Baltimore, MD 1884-1923

Geissler & Delang

Evansville, IN  1867-1869
Philip L. Geissler and Constanz Delang.

P.L. Geissler & Co.

Evansville, IN  1863-1864 and 1869-1881

W.T. & T.V. Gendar

New York, NY 1848-c. 1865
William T. and Thomas V. Gendar, watchmakers and jewelers. The partnership continued until 1884, but they had given up the watchmaking business c. 1865 and turned to making hydrometers and thermometers.

William T. Gendar

New York, NY 1842-c. 1865
Working most of the time in the partnership of W.T. & T.V. Gendar. Watchmaker and jeweler.

Gennet & Osborn

Watertown, NY c. 1853

Washington Gennet

Watertown, NY c. 1840-c. 1866

S.L. George

Watertown, NY 1815-2004
Founded by Silas L. George.

Charles O. Gerrish

Portland, ME c. 1856-1860 and Saco, ME c. 1860-1895
Watchmaker and jeweler.

Benjamin W. Gibbs

Cambridge, MA c. 1835-1878

C.E. Gifford & Co

Fall River, MA c. 1885-c. 1925

Giles Bros. & Co. / Giles Bro. & Co.

Chicago, IL 1862-1896
Founded by William A. & Charles K. Giles.  Incorporated c. 1893 as Giles Bro. & Co.  Manufacturing jewelers and wholesalers.

Gleason & Patten / F.C. Gleason & Co.

New York, NY  1895-1907
Founded by Fernando C. Gleason and John H. Patten.  Gleason left the firm c. 1903.

Fernando C. Gleason

Rome, NY c. 1851-1855; Dubuque, IA c. 1857-1859;
and New York, NY 1862-1907
Watchmaker and jeweler.  Went on to form the partnership of F.C. Gleason & Co. with John H. Patten 1895-c. 1903.

W.H. Glenny & Co.

Rochester, NY 1876-1911
Began as a branch location of W.H. Glenny, Sons & Co. of Buffalo.  Wholesale Wholesale and retail crockery, glass, and silverware business.  Succeeded by the Given & Wamsley Co. in 1911. See flatware patterns.

W.H. Glenny, Sons & Co.

Buffalo, NY c. 1865-1898
Wholesale and retail business started by William H. Glenny, Sr. in 1840; his sons were added as partners to the business c. 1865 and branch stores were opened in St. Paul, Elmira, and Rochester. Went out of business in 1898.

Gmelch & Huber

Boonville, MO c. 1880-1905
Jacob F. Gmelch and E.G. Huber.

Goddard, Hill & Co.

Pittsburgh, PA c. 1875-1910
Wholesale jewelers.

Benjamin Goddard & Co.

Worcester, MA 1869-1876

Thomas Goldsmith

Troy, NY 1842-1885
Watchmaker and jeweler.

Gooding Bros.

Plymouth, MA  c. 1887-1913
George Gooding and Benjamin W. Gooding, jewelers and opticians.

Goodnow & Smith

Fitchburg, MA 1847-1852
Silas H. Goodnow and H.W. Smith.

Gordon & Bacon

New London, CT 1855-c. 1860

Albertus S. Gordon

Laconia, NH 1883-1915
Jeweler and optician.

Edward Horatio Goulding

Alton, IL 1852-1895

Joseph H. Gove

Peru, NY c. 1840

Thomas Gowdey (Gowdy)

Nashville, TN 1825-1863

Jerome R. Graves

Corry, PA  1866-1914

Robert C. Green

Pottsville, PA 1846-1897
Watchmaker and jeweler.  Succeeded by R.C. Green’s Sons.

Greenawalt & Cover

Pittsburgh, PA c. 1829-1833
William Greenawalt and Samuel Cover.

Gregor & Wilson

New Orleans, LA 1856-1858
George W. Gregor, John W. Gregor, and William A. Wilson.  Jewelers.

Griffen & Son

New York, NY 1832-1835
Peter and William Griffen, watchmakers.

A.B. Griswold & Co.

New Orleans, LA 1865-1906
Arthur Breese Griswold.  Succeeded by A.B. Griswold & Co., Ltd. 1906-1924.  Jewelers.

Ogden D. Griswold (d. 1862)

Hartford, CT 1853-1862
Was in the partnership of Hastings & Griswold 1854-1862.

Grogan & Merz

Pittsburgh, PA  1878-1886
James C. Grogan and Adalbert Merz, wholesale and retail jewelers.

Henry Guild

Boston, MA 1844-1886
Manufacturing and retail jeweler.  Was in following partnerships:
Guild & Stevens with DeWitt Stevens c. 1853-1854.
Guild & Delano with Charles H. Delano 1864-1883.
Henry Guild & Son with Henry F. Guild 1883-1886.

S. & G. Gump Co. / Gump’s

San Francisco, CA  1871-Present

E. Gunn & Co.

Springfield, MA c. 1830-1850
Elisha Gunn with Jonathan Bangs and Elisha D. Stocking.  Grocers, fancy goods merchants, and West India traders.

Gurney Brothers

Brockton, MA 1870-1960s
Founded by Warren S. Gurney and Lysander F. Gurney.

Lysander Franklin Gurney

Brockton, MA 1863-1870
Jeweler; succeeded by Gurney Brothers.