Retailer, Wholesaler, and Other Marks

Hense to Hyman

Hense & Gottesleben

Denver, CO c. 1870-1876
John H. Hense and P. Gottesleben, manufacturing jewelers.

Frank Herschede

Cincinnati, OH 1877-Present
Became well known as a hall clock maker, branching off with the Herschede Hall Clock Co. in 1885.

Hershfield & Mitchell

Leavenworth, KS 1860-1875
Reunben N. Hershfield and Noah Mitchell; wholesale and retail jewelers.

Reuben N. Hershfield

Leavenworth, KS 1856-1885 and Kansas City, MO 1883-1885 (as a branch location) and 1889-1907
Was in the partnership of Hirshfield & Mitchell 1860-1875.  His business was organized as the Hershfield Watch & Jewelry Co. 1895-1907.

Calvin Hervey

Camden, ME c. 1838-1842 and Belfast, ME c. 1842-1896
Watchmaker and jeweler.

Hess & Culbertson Co.

St. Louis, MO 1883-1986
Founded by George J. Hess and Stephen D. Culbertson.  Manufacturing jewelers.

H.S. Hewett & Co.

Brockton, MA  c. 1889-1922
Jewelers and silverware merchants.

Herman Hewett

Taunton, MA c. 1857-1861, Bridgewater, MA
1861-1863, and North Bridgewater, MA 1863-1885

Augustus H. Hews

Boston, MA 1847-1867

Darius L. Hildreth

Newport Center, CT 1856-1868 and again 1873-c. 1880
and North Troy, VT 1868-1873

E.J. Hill

Elmira, NY 1850s

James B. Hill

Fayetteville, TN  1860-1890

R. Hills & Bro.

Boston, MA c. 1861-1873

John F. Hinds

Webster, MA c. 1840-1894
Jeweler and watchmaker.

Hirschman & Co.

San Francisco, CA c. 1909-1936
Marion A. Hirschman and Reginald M. Hirschman, jewelers.

Samuel Hittel

Detroit, MI 1856-1869
Watchmaker, jeweler, and gold pen manufacturer.

Hixson & Lyke

Lockport, NY  1873-1882
Dumont A. Hixson and Albert E. Lyke; jewelers.

Charles T. Hockridge

Madison, NY c. 1855-1889
Dry goods merchant.

Francis Hodgman

Littleton, NH 1831-c. 1861
Watchmaker and jeweler.

Benjamin C. Hoff

Auburn, NY c. 1855 and Syracuse, NY 1857-1868

Hogan & Wade

Cleveland, OH 1867-1869

Eli Holden

Philadelphia, PA c. 1843-1866

John O. Holden

Quincy, MA 1858-1890

Aaron L. Holder

Lynn, MA c. 1825-1857
Druggist and silverware dealer.

Julius H. Hollister

Greenfield, MA 1844-1896

Henry O. Hood

Baltimore, MD and Washington, DC 1847-1873

Hope Bros.

Knoxville, TN  1895-1961
Jewelers founded by John W. Hope and David J. Hope.  Incorporated in 1914 as Hope Bros., Inc.; renamed The Hope Bros. Co. c. 1931.  The business was purchased by Kimball’s Jewelers in 1959 and closed in 1961.

Hope & Miller

Knoxville, TN 1868-c. 1876
John W. Hope and Frederick A. Miller; watchmakers and jewelers.

Edward H. Hopkins

Penn Yan, NY  1869-1920

Edwin B. Horn / E.B. Horn Co.

Boston, MA
Jewelers.  Edwin Booth Horn began the business in 1839 and was succeeded upon his death in 1872 by his son, Edwin Bartholomew Horn.  The E.B. Horn Co. was organized in 1891 and remains in business today.

James A. Horne

Dover, NH  1864-1883

Hoskins & Evans

Owego, NY  c. 1859-1861

Watson Leverett Hoskins

Owego, NY 1858-1911

Theron M. Howard

St. Johnsbury, VT 1856-1870
Continued in the partnership of Howard & Rowell wih Alfred D. Rowell 1870-1887.

H.J. Howe Jewelers

Syracuse, NY 1878-c. 1978
Founded by Henry J. Howe.

Howland & Donnell

Bath, ME 1863-1873
John T. Howland and Calvin C. Donnell, merchants.

Howland & Hayden

Bath, ME c. 1874-1887

Horace G. Hudson

Amesbury, MA 1870-1912
Jeweler and optician. Designed several souvenir spoons which were made by the Wm. B. Durgin Co. and Gorham.

The J.L. Hudson Co.

A Detroit, MI, based department store founded in 1881 by Joseph L. Hudson.  In 1969, it was acquired by The Dayton Co. to form the Dayton-Hudson Corp.  In 2000, the remaining Hudson stores were changed to Marshall Field’s, which had also been acquired by Dayton-Hudson in 1990.

William B. Hudson

Ebensburg, PA c. 1850-1852; Columbus, OH 1853-1854;
Cleveland, OH 1854-1860; and Sandusky, OH 1860-1875
Jeweler and watchmaker.

Hughes & Dorland

Cincinnati, OH c. 1857-1859
Wholesale jewelers.

Granville H. Hull

Fort Wayne, IN c. 1858 and Lafayette, IN c. 1860-1890

Hunke, Frederick L.

Albany, NY  1887-1926

John Hunter

Albany, NY 1835-1847

Charles W. Hurll

New Bedford, MA c. 1858-1899
Jeweler and watchmaker.

Hutchinson & Connell

Portsmouth, NH  1872-1879
John H. Hutchinson and James R. Connell, jewelers.

Hyde & Bettys

Auburn, NY 1861-1883
James Hyde and John Bettys.

James Hyde

Auburn, NY  c. 1857-1883
Jeweler and musical instrument dealer.

Hyman, Berg & Co.

Chicago, IL c. 1889-1910
Harry Sigmund Hyman and Morris H. Berg.