Retailer, Wholesaler, and Other Marks

Jaccard to Justis

Jaccard Jewelry Co.

Kansas City, MO  1898-1980s

Jackson & Many

New York, NY 1849-1856
Succeeded by Many & Lewis.

A. Jacobs & Sons

New York, NY 1844-1848
Angel Jacobs with his sons Jacob and Alfred Jacobs.

S. Jacobs & Co.

Minneapolis, MN  1890-1983
Founded by Samuel Jacobs, Benjamin Jacobs, and Leopold Metzger.  Jewelers.

Henry B. James

Trenton, NJ  c. 1857-1871
Watchmaker and jeweler.

Jandorf & Mayer

Cincinnati, OH 1870-1873
Wholesale jewelers.

Simon Janowitz

Baltimore, MD  1856-1899
Watchmaker and jeweler.  Took on his son, Richard Janowitz, as partner to become S. Janowitz & Son 1883-1897 which became S. Janowitz & Sons in 1897.  Janowitz died in 1899 and S. Janowitz & Sons remained in business to 1930.

Jarecki Bros.

Erie, PA c. 1860-1865
Gustav, August, and Charles Jarecki.

Herman T. Jarecki

Erie, PA 1862-1909
The business was continued by Jarecki’s descendants as Jarecki Jewelers until it closed in 2007.

Jones & Wood

Syracuse, NY 1846-1847

Samuel Jelly

Sacramento, CA 1850-1856 and 1859-1883
Jelly died in 1883, and his business was continued by his heirs under his name until 1891.

Jennings & Vaughan

Buffalo, NY c. 1845

Jewell & Beddo

Louisville, KY 1875-1880
Edward Jewell and Horace Beddo, manufacturing jewelers.

Levi Johnson

Saxonville, MA c. 1849 and Worcester, MA 1850-1899
Jeweler.  Was in the partnership of L. Johnson & Son 1877-1899.

William B. Johnston

Macon, GA 1832-c. 1850
Worked as W.B. Johnston & Co. 1839-1842 then J.B. Johnston & Bro. 1845-1849.

Jones & Baker

Milwaukee, WI 1855-1858

George A. Jones

Zanesville, OH 1845-1870

J.F. Jones

Syracuse, NY c. 1850

Joslin & Park

Denver, CO  1866-1900
Founded by Jervis Joslin and Boyd Park, manufacturing and retail jewelers. Park moved to Salt Lake City, UT, in 1871 and opened a branch store there.  Other branches operated in Leadville, CO, and Cheyenne, WY, in the 1870s and 1880s.  The Denver and Salt Lake City stores were succeeded by Boyd Park Jewelers.  The Denver store closed in 1910 and the Salt Lake City store remained in business until 1952 when it was succeeded by Bennion’s Boyd Park Jewelry 1952-1974 then Dick Bennion Jewelry 1974-Present.

C.H. & W.S. Judd

Carthage, MO  1871-1877
Chauncey H. Judd and William S. Judd.  Jewelers and photographers.

Justis & Co.

Baltimore, MD 1874-1877
William S. Justis.