Retailer, Wholesaler, and Other Marks

Kades to Kum

Louis S. Kades

Newburgh, NY 1896-1935

Keller & Bro.

Allentown, PA 1865-1887

Keller & George

Charlottesville, VA 1875-Present

John C. Kelley

Philadelphia, PA c. 1849-1877

William Kendrick’s Sons

Louisville, KY 1880-1930
William Carnes Kendrick and George P. Kendrick.  The business closed in 1930 due to the Great Depression, reopening in 1932 as
Wm. Kendrick Jewelers.  It was sold to Gray & Merkley Jewelers in 1966 and was re-named Merkley Kendrick Jewelers at that time, which is still in business today.

Charles W. Kennard & Co.

Boston, MA  c. 1865-1886
Succeeded by Rand & Crane.

E. Kersey & Son

Richmond, VA 1870-1878
Edward Kersey and son James Q. Kersey.

Henry Kessler

Reading, PA c. 1850-1878 and 1881-1882

Thompson Prior Kibbe

Johnstown, NY  c. 1834-1867
Watchmaker and jeweler.

Carlos R. Kimball

Vergennes, VT 1852-1869
Watchmaker and jeweler.

Andrew B. Kingsbury

Coventry, CT c. 1870-1881 and Norwich, CT 1885-1916
Watchmaker and jeweler.

Zebulon Kinsey

Pittsburgh, PA c. 1837-1850
Fancy goods merchant.  Was in the partnership of Kinsey & Snow c. 1837-1838.

Abner Kirby

Skowhegan, ME 1836-1844 and Milwaukee, WI 1844-1855
Went into the lumber business in 1856.

James Kirkham

Springfield, MA 1845-1858

Thomas Kirkpatrick

New York, NY 1860-1906
Kirkpatrick’s business was continued after his death in 1906 as T. Kirkpatrick & Co. into the 1920s.

Elijah Knight

Amoskeag, NH 1837; Manchester, NH 1837;
Newmarket, NH 1841-1853; Concord, NH 1853-1885
Watchmaker and jeweler.

F.A. Knowlton

Worcester, MA 1876-c. 1960
Founded by Frank A. Knowlton.

Henry Kohn & Sons

Hartford, CT 1893-1951
Jewelers.  Became part of G. Fox & Co.

Theodore A. Kohn & Son

New York, NY 1889-1950s

Samuel Kopelowich

Syracuse, NY 1878-1884
Working as S. Kopelowich & Bro. 1880-1884.

Henry Korf

Cincinnati, OH  1849-1892

Leonard Krower / Leonard Krower & Son

New Orleans, LA
Krower worked alone 1897 to 1916, forming Leonard Krower & Son in 1916.  He died c. 1918 and the firm remained in business until 1965.

John J. Kull

St. Louis, MO  1851-1873
Watchmaker and jeweler.  Was in the partnership of J.J. Kull & Son with G. Alfred Kull c. 1859-1868.

Peter Kum

New York, NY 1828-1832