Retailer, Wholesaler, and Other Marks

Lakritz to Lyon

Paul N. Lackritz

Chicago, IL 1898-1941
Jeweler who sold handwrought sterling Arts & Crafts style holloware in his shop in the 1920s and 30s.

George Ladd

New York, NY 1846-1851 and San Francisco, CA 1856-1861

Paul A. Lafee

Dayton, OH c. 1850-1875

Thomas M. Lamb

Worcester, MA c. 1853-1881
Watchmaker and jeweler.

Joseph Smith Lambard

Gardiner, ME 1856-c. 1890

John E. Landon

New York, NY 1850s

J. Lange & Bro.

Cincinnati, OH  1860-1881

Herman Lange

Paris, TN 1870-1871; Dallas, TX 1873-1877; Maysville, KY 1879-1887; and Cincinnati, OH 1886-1921

Daniel G. Langendorf

Camden, NJ c. 1865-1899

Larmour & Co.

Baltimore, MD 1861-1874
Founded by William B. Larmour.

William B. Larmour

Baltimore, MD 1854-1874
Was in the partnerships of Wm. Brown & Co. 1854-1856 and Larmour & Co. 1861-1874.  Watchmaker & jeweler.

John Larson & Co.

Madison, WI 1890-1893

T.W. Lavake & Son

Princeton, NJ c. 1891-1892
Jewelers and opticians.

David Laverack

Paterson, NJ 1850-1867
Watchmaker and jeweler.

Leach & Lewis

Birmingham, AL 1846-1859
Cyrus S. Leach and Thomas P. Lewis, jewelers.

George J. Leach

Rome, NY 1859-1880

Samuel E. Ledman

Louisville, KY  1874-1910
Was in the partnership of S.E. Ledman & Son from 1901 until his death in 1910; the firm remained in business until 1926

Lemon & Son

Louisville, KY 1908-Present
Successor to James K. Lemon & Son (1889-1907).  See also James Innes Lemon for more information.

James K. Lemon

Louisville, KY 1877-1888
See also James Innes Lemon for more information.

Levi & Gottlieb

New York, NY  c. 1858-1867
Albert Levi and Hermann Gottlieb.

Framk M. Lewis

Bridgeton, NJ c. 1862-1898

I.P. Libbey

Rosbury, NH c. 1850

Edward Lilienthal

New Orleans, LA 1858-1888
Watchmaker and jeweler.

Joseph F. Limburger

New York, NY 1841-1851

Lincoln & Kelley

Fall River, MA 1870s
Watchmakers and jewelers.

J.N. Lindsay & Co.

Boston, MA 1856-c. 1892
Wholesale and retail silverware dealers.

Joseph Linz & Bro.

Denison, TX 1877-1879; Sherman, TX 1879-1891; and
Dallas, TX 1891-1907
Jewelers.  Name changed to Linz Brothers in 1907 and continues in business today.

William K. Lippitt

Liberty, NY c. 1859-1860; Hamilton, NY 1865-1881; and
Norwich, NY 1881-1887

Livermore, Ball & Co.

Springfield, MA 1870-1872
Crockery, china, and silver merchants.

Loomis & Hoes

Milwaukee, WI 1856-1859

Henry J. Lowe (Low)

Fitchburg, MA c. 1845-1867

Charles G. Ludwigs

Lexington, MO c. 1866-1906
Was in the partnerships of Ludwigs & Morath c. 1866-1868.

William E. Lyndall

Philadelphia, PA 1844-1861

Asbury K. Lyon

Lexington, KY  c. 1870-1914
Watchmaker, jeweler and optician.