Retailer, Wholesaler, and Other Marks

Pachtmann to Prontaut

Frederick W. Pachtmann

New York, NY 1838-c. 1878
Jeweler.  In the partnership of F.W. Pachtmann & Bro. with Herman E. Pachtmann 1861-1878.

J.J. Palmer’s Sons

Newport News, VA 1905-1931
Jewelers and opticians.

G.W. Palmer & Son

Rockland, ME 1869-c. 1923
Founded by Greenleaf W. Palmer and son Eugene W. Palmer.

Stephen H. Palmer

New York, NY 1837-1860

Russell Pardee

Hornellsville, NY 1840-1867
Watchmaker and jeweler.

Parker & Van Cleve

Morristown, NJ 1902-1927
John Van Cleve Parker (son of John E. Parker) and Benjamin Muirheid Van Cleve. Jewelers.

George Parker

Boston, MA 1842-1845

John E. Parker

Morristown, NJ  1864-1883 and 1888-1902

Simon Robinson Parlin

Norwich, CT c. 1850-1885

Daniel Parmely

Pittsford, NY c. 1833-1858 and Rochester, NY 1859-1865

Asa Parks

Oswego, NY  1852-1882

Paul-Gale-Greenwood Co.

Norfolk, VA 1906-1929

Paxton & Peers

Rockford, IL  c. 1876-1883
Ahaz Paxton and J.C. Peers, jewelers.

C.D. Peacock

Chicago, IL 1871-Present
Business founded by Charles D. Peacock.  Succeeded his father, Elijah Peacock, who began business in Chicago in 1837.

William Pelham

Fishkill, NY c. 1846-1865 and 1901-1903 and Cold Spring, NY 1865-1901

Charles H. Pepar

Baltimore, MD c. 1846-1895
Jeweler and watchmaker.

Matthew Perkins

Boston, MA 1845-1868
Jeweler and watchmaker.

William Duncan Perrine

Lyons, NY 1835-1884
Jeweler and watchmaker.

Perry & Holding

Brattleboro, VT 1869-1872
Charles S. Perry and F.H. Holding.  Watchmakers and jewelers.

Jacob Peter

Henderson, KY c. 1870-1884

L.A. Piaget & Co.

Paterson, NJ c. 1882-1927

Lewis H. Piaget

Pittsburgh, PA c. 1855-1859

Albert H. Pike

Tuscola, IL 1866-1875; Kankakee, IL 1875-1890;
Chicago, IL 1890-1899; and Rockford, IL 1899-1911
Was in the partnership of Pike & Trownsell 1866-1875.

Albert Pitts

Taunton, MA  c. 1843-1881

Place & Knight

Boston, MA 1875-1877

Plumb Bros.

Des Moines, IA 1865-1875 with a branch in Waterloo, IA 1871-1872
Founded by Henry Plumb and and Benjamin K. Plumb.

Henry Plumb

Des Moines, IA  1865-1917
Was in the partnership of Plum Bros. 1865-1875.

Francis C. Polack

York, PA  1838-1867
Was in the partnership of F.C. & F.R. Polack with his son F. Robert Polack c. 1864-1867.

Porter & Prince

Springfield, MA c. 1855-1872

Richard A. Porter

Patchogue, NY  c. 1890-1925
Watchmaker and jeweler.

John H. Potts

Lyons, IA 1854-1914
Jeweler.  Became Potts & Son c. 1885 which remained in business until 1977.

Power & Creamer

Poughkeepsie, NY 1853-1855
Jewelers and umbrella manufacturers.

Pratt & York

Fisherville (now Concord), NH 1855
Jewelry and dry goods merchants.

Christian Preusser / C. Preusser & Bro.

Milwaukee, WI
Christian Preusser opened a jewelry store in Milwaukee in
1844.  In 1858 his brother Gustave joined the firm to become
C. Preusser & Bro.  Around 1887 the name changed to the
C. Preusser Jewelry Co. and remained in business until 1917.

Prindle & Tobey

Great Barrington, MA c. 1865-1870

Antoine Prontaut

New York, NY 1838-1850 and Augusta, GA 1850-1870
Watchmaker and jeweler.