Retailer, Wholesaler, and Other Marks

Snell to Swartfiguer

Snell & Scott

Little Falls, NY  c. 1860-1881

Stephen C. Spaulding

Janesville, WI 1840-1862

Gaven Spence / Gaven Spence & Co.

Newark, NJ 1855-1916
Had a partnership that went under the name of Gaven Spence & Co. 1868-1870 and again c. 1883-1898.  His business was incorporated c. 1916 as Gaven Spence, Inc. and continued until c. 1919.  Jeweler and watchmaker.

W.H. Sperry & Co.

North Adams, MA c. 1885-1910
Household goods merchants.

Spooner & Welch

Brooklyn, NY c. 1850-1889
Charles Spooner and William H. Welch, jewelers.

Squires & Lay

LaPorte, IN c. 1910-1917

J. Stackpole & Son

Somersworth, NH 1853; Dover, NH 1854-1855; and
Chickopee, MA 1857-c. 1867

Horatio N. Stanley

Le Roy, NY c. 1830-1850
Jeweler and watchmaker.

Starr & Blood

Rockland, ME c. 1849-1854

Isaac K. Stauffer

Philadelphia, PA  1852-1888
Was a partner in the firm of Stauffer & Harley 1852-1863.  Continued to work independently to his death in 1888.

Artemas W. Stearns / A.W. Stearns & Co.

Lawrence, MA c. 1849-1896
The partnership of A.W. Stearns & Co. was in business c. 1855-1899, continuing several years after Stearns’ death in 1896.  Dry goods merchants.

Daniel H. Stein

Norristown, PA c. 1840-1886
Watchmaker and jeweler.

John P. Steinmann

West Newton, PA 1878-1886; Pittsburgh, PA 1886-1917; and
McKees Rocks, PA 1917-1919

Philip H. Stevens Co.

Hartford, CT  1907-1968

George L. Stevenson

Albany, NY 1865-1872

Steward, Stevens & Dewey

Cambridge, NY  c. 1860-1871
William D. Steward, William R. Stevens, and Elisha M. Dewey.

Otto O. Stillman

New Brunswick, NJ 1879-c. 1925

M.F. & C.H. Stilwell

Rochester, NY 1859-1862
Successors to Erastus Cook. Brothers Mortimer F. and Charles H. Stilwell, jewelers.

Stone & Poor

Boston, MA 1838
Stephen S. Stone and Nathaniel C. Poor, jewelry and fancy goods merchants.

Arthur G. Stone

Montpelier, VT 1873-1910

Charles F. Stone

Machias, ME 1855-1883
Watchmaker and jeweler.

Jasper Stone

Charlestown, MA c. 1850-1892

J.B. Storer & Co.

Akron, OH 1865-1902
James B. Storer and Dwight A. Hibbard, jewelers.

William H. Story

Hillsboro, NH c. 1865-1910
Jeweler and watchmaker.

Luke S. Stowe / L.S. Stowe & Co.

Gardner, MA 1855-1864 and Springfield, MA 1864-1900
Was in the partnership of L.S. Stowe & Co. 1869-1900.

A. Stowell & Co.

Boston, MA 1865-1981
Jewelers, founded by Alexander Stowell.

A. Stowell & Son

Charlestown, MA 1838-1846
Abel Stowell, Jr. and son Abel Stowell III.

Abel Stowell, Jr. (1789-1860)

Groton, MA c. 1812-1816; Medford, MA c. 1814;
Worcester, MA c. 1815; Charlestown, MA 1815-1858; and
Boston, MA c. 1822-1823
Jeweler and watchmaker.  In the partnership of J.J. & A. Stowell in 1815 in Medford and again in 1818 in Charlestown.  In the partnership of A. Stowell & Son c. 1815-1818 and again 1838-1846.

Abel Stowell III (1819-1882)

Charlestown, MA c.1834-1854 and Baltimore, MD 1855-1882
In the partnership of A. Stowell & Son 1838-1846 and Gould,
Stowell & Ward 1855-1857.

Alexander Stowell

Boston, MA 1849-1855 and 1862-1895 and
Charlestown, MA 1855-1860
Jeweler.  Formed A. Stowell & Co. in 1865.

John J. Stowell (1793-1834)

Medford, MA c. 1815; Charlestown, MA c. 1818-1821 and
Boston, MA 1822-1824
In the partnerships of J.J. & A. Stowell c. 1815 and again c. 1818 and Lerow & Stowell 1822-1824.  Clockmaker and jeweler.

Straw & Lovejoy

Manchester, NH  1869-1888
Daniel F. Straw and James C. Lovejoy.

Straw & Tewksbury

Manchester, NH  1852-1865
Daniel F. Straw and Lewis Tewksbury, jewelers.

David Fearing Studley

Hanover, MA c. 1832-1834 and North Bridgewater, MA 1834-1873
Jeweler and watchmaker.

Luther Studley

Brocton, MA 1840-1887

Sunderlin & McAllaster

Rochester, NY  1869-1879
Founded by Lewis Sunderlin and George McAllaster as a successor firm to Sunderlin & Weaver. Succeeded by L. Sunderlin & Co. when Sunderlin bought out McAllaster’s share of the business in 1879. Manufacturing jewelers

Sunderlin & Weaver

Rocheser, NY  1864-1869
Succeeded by Sunderlin & McAllaster.

L. Sunderlin & Co.

Rochester, NY 1879-1952
Founded by Lewis Sunderlin and his son Charles E. Sunderlin as a successor to Sunderlin & McAllaster.  Became the L. Sunderlin Co. upon incorporation in 1900, then Sunderlin Co. in 1944; went out of
business in 1952.  Manufacturing jewelers.

George Sutherland, Jr.

Boston, MA 1840-1851

Lorenzo E. Swan

Sullivan, NY c. 1850 and Cazenovia, NY c. 1854-1859

Swift & Truman

Dansville, NY  1850-1853
Lemuel J. Swift and Charles Truman; jewelers.  Successors to Newell Matson.

George J. Swortfiguer

Schenectady, NY  1840-1853