Retailer, Wholesaler, and Other Marks

West to Wyman

West & Crane

New Bedford, MA c. 1855-1856
Watchmakers and jewelers.

Ralph Wheeler

Hudson, NY c. 1835-1871

Wheelers & Brooks

Livonia, NY  c. 1830

Franklin A. Whelan

Alexandria and Mount Vernon, VA 1886-1926

William G. Whilden & Co.

Charleston, SC c. 1865-1871

White & MacNaught

Minneapolis, MN  1902-c. 1931

Whitney & Osgood

Lewiston, ME  1868-1874

Albert E. Whitney

Fitchburg, MA 1870-1882 and Boston, MA 1882-1889
Was a partner of Whitney Bros. with his brother Edwin Whitney

Obed Wickens

New York, NY 1831-1852
Watch and clockmaker.

Wilbur & Tyler

Fitchburg, MA c. 1868-1874

Alanson D. Wilcox

Troy, NY 1843-1860 and East Poultney, VT c. 1870-1879
Was a partner in the firm of Harris & Wilcox 1846-1853 and Wilcox, Carpenter & Son 1856-1860.

James S. Wilkins

Memphis, TN 1850-1884
Jeweler.  Was a member of F.H. Clark & Co. 1856-1876.

Franklin Williams

Palmyra, NY  1845-1889
Jeweler.  Mark shown here on a spoon made by Joseph Seymour.

Leonard S. Wilmot

Battle Creek, MI c. 1856; Hillsdale, MI c. 1860-1868;
and Chicago, IL c. 1870-1894
Jeweler.  Was in the partnership of Wilmot & Wheaton 1863-1867.

Volney Winchell

Chicopee, MA c. 1845-1855 and Springfield, MA c. 1856

Levi H. Wing

Macon, GA  c. 1860 and 1867-1871

Charles W. Wingate

Waterville, ME 1856-1860; Burlington, VT 1860-1865;
New York, NY 1865-1870; Portland, ME 1870;
Burlington, VT 1870-1883; Boston, MA 1883-1895;
Newburyport, MA c. 1896-1898 and Boston, MA 1900-1901

Wolf & Durringer

Louisville, KY 1859-1871
George Wolf and Joseph Durringer; watchmakers and jewelers.

George Wolf

Louisville, KY  1856-1897
In the partnerships of Wolf & Durringer 1859-1871 and George Wolf & Co. 1883-1897 (George Wolf died in 1897 and this business continued until 1912).

Wood, Bicknall & Potter

Providence, RI 1888-1898
George H. Wood, Frank J. Bicknall and Joseph H. Potter.  Wholesale and retailer dealers of crockery, glass, silver and plated goods.

Benjamin B. Wood

Boston, MA 1840-1851; New York, NY c. 1853-1856;
Jamaica, NY c. 1860-1871; and
Charlestown (Boston), MA c. 1872-1877
Jeweler and watchmaker.

Woodward & Lothrop

Washington, DC  1887-1995
Department store.

Woodworth & Kirkham

Springfield, MA 1845-1852
Earl Woodworth and James Kirkham.

Alfred C. Wortley

Kalamazoo, MI 1864-1899

Wriggins & Warden

Philadelphia, PA 1856-1868

Wright, Kay & Co.

Detroit, MI 1886-1978
Founded by Henry M. Wright and John Kay.

C.F. Wolters

Rochester, NY  1857-1916
Founded by Charles F. Wolters, jeweler, who died in 1880. The business was continued under this name by his widow then his son, C. Frederick Wolters, until 1916.

William E. Wright

Keene, NH  1885-1928

Wyman & Huntington

St. Albans, VT 1862-1868
Elihu H. Huntington and Charles Wyman, successors to C. & J. Wyman.

C. & J. Wyman

St. Albans, VT 1856-1862
A partnership between brothers Charles Wyman and John Wyman, watchmakers and jewelers.  Successors to Huntington & Wyman and succeeded by Wyman & Huntington.