Retailer, Wholesaler, and Other Marks

Zacharias to Zoellner

Henry Zacharias

San Francisco, CA 1859-1884
Was in the partnership of Zacharias & Green 1876-1880.

Emil Oscar Zadek / E.O. Zadek & Co. / Zadek Jewelry Co.

Mobile, AL  1865-1908
Zadek was involved with these businesses:
Zadek & Caldwell 1865-1870.
E.O. Zadek & Co. c. 1871-1887.
Zadek Jewelry Co. c. 1888-1908.
Zadek died in 1908 and this firm remained in business to c . 1920.

H.L. & E.J. Zahm

Lancaster, PA 1854-1870
Brothers Henry L. and Edward J. Zahm. Watchmakers and jewelers.

Hubert Zimmer

Poughkeepsie, NY  1864-1917
Zimmer retired in 1917 and sold his business to Hubert G. and Peter Kuhn.  They renamed it the Hubert Zimmer Co. and remained in business to 1953.

Phillip Zoellner

Portsmouth, OH 1857-1899
Watchmaker and jeweler.  Succeeded by his sons Otto and Charles as the firm of Otto Zoellner & Bro. in 1899.