Silverplate Marks

Kann to Kuehne

Kann Bros. Silver Co.

Baltimore, MD 1898-1913
Successors to the Kann & Sons Mfg. Co.

Kann & Sons Mfg. Co.

Baltimore, MD  c. 1874-1898
Succeeded by the Kann Bros. Silver Co. in 1898.
See flatware patterns.

Ernest Kaufmann

Philadelphia, PA c. 1855-1870

Keen Kutter

Originally a trademark of the Simmons Hardware Co. and subsequently owned by a series of different companies.  The age of an item can roughly be determined by the name of the company written above the Keen Kutter logo.

E.C. Simmons
Blank (on pocket knives)
1866 – 1940
1940 – 1960
c. 1962 – 1990s
Simmons Hardware
Shapleigh Hardware
Val-Test Distributors
Frost Cutlery Co.

Kensington Silver Plate

A trademark of International Silver.
See flatware patterns.

Keystone Silver Co.

Listed under Silversmiths.

King Edward Silverplate

A trademark of the National Silver Co.

King’s Plate

A trademark brand of the McGlashan-Clarke Co., Ltd. of Niagara Falls, ON.

Kirk-Stieff Co.

Listed under Silversmiths.
See silverplate flatware patterns.

Klever Kraft

A trademark of the American Ring Co. of Waterbury, CT,
from 1914 to c. 1920.

Knickerbocker Silver Co.

Port Jervis, NY 1894-1962
Successor to J.A. Babcock & Co. as the Knickerbocker Manufacturing Co.  Changed names to the Knickerbocker Silver Co. by 1897.  Succeeded by the Crescent Silverware Manufacturing Co. in 1962.

Kottle Cutlery Co.

A trademark of the Continental Mfg. Co. for cutlery goods.

Kronheimer Oldenbusch Co.

New York, NY 1909-1942

Fred Kuehne

New York, NY 1879-1929