Silverplate Marks

Pairpoint to Puritan

Pairpoint Mfg. Co. / Pairpoint Corp.

New Bedford, MA  1880-1958
Silverplate production was discontinued c. 1929.
See flatware patterns.

Par Plate

A trademark of Oneida Silversmiths.
See flatware patterns.

Parker & Casper Britannia Co. / Parker & Casper Co.

West Meriden, CT  1866-1869
Founded as Parker & Casper Britannia Co. in 1866, the name was changed to the Parker & Casper Co. the following year.  Sold to the Wilcox Silver Plate Co. in 1869.

Paragon Siilver Plate

A trademark of Sears, Roebuck & Co. for flatware made for them by various manufacturers.
See flatware patterns.

Charles E. Parker / Charles Parker Co.

Meriden, CT
Charles Parker started out in 1827 as a pewtersmith and button manufacturer. In 1828 he went to work for a coffee mill manufacturer and started his own company in 1829.  Over the next several decades Parker would head up many new businesses with many different partners manufacturing a wide variety of goods.  Silverplate flatware production began in 1848 in Yalesville, CT.  The partnership of Parker & Perkins, with Russell Perkins, was formed in 1851 to produce silverplated flatware and holloware in Meriden, CT.  The majority of businesses were consolidated in 1876 and incorporated as the Charles Parker Co.  Flatware production ceased in the mid-1880s.

Paul Revere Silver Co.

Boston, MA  1912-1922

Pashley & Davies Mfg. Co.

Bridgeport, CT and New York, NY 1876-1877

Pashley Silver Plate Co.

Bridgeport, CT and New York, NY 1877-1881

Paye & Baker

Listed under Silversmiths.

Pearl Silver

A brand name of the Charles M. Robbins Co. for a white metal alloy which contains no silver.

Peerless Silver Plate

A trademark of the Shapleigh Hardware Co.
See flatware patterns.

Pelton Bros. & Co.

St. Louis, MO c. 1872-1900

F.W. & O.Z. Pelton

Middletown, CT  1852-1871

Pennsylvania Silverware Co.

Kane, PA c. 1920-1935

Perma Brite Plate

A trademark of the National Silver Co.

F.P. Pfleghar & Son

New Haven, CT 1890-1919

Albert Pick & Co.

Chicago, IL c. 1895-1965 and Bridgeport, CT 1919-1927
Albert Pick began selling glassware and crockery in Chicago in 1857.  Albert Pick & Co. was formed c. 1895 and evolved into the largest supplier of goods for hotels, restaurants and railroads in the world.  They also became hotel operators to the extent that they grew to be the third largest hotel chain in the U.S.  They acquired the E.H.H. Smith Silver Co. of Bridgeport, CT, in 1919, and manufacturing operations continued there until 1927.  Consolidated with L. Barth & Sons, another restaurant supply firm, under the parent company Albert Pick, Barth Co.  Reorganized as the Albert Pick Co. in 1932 and went bankrupt in 1965.
See flatware patterns.

Albert Pick, Barth Co.

Chicago, IL and New York, NY  1925-1933
Major hotel and restaurant supply company, resulting from a merger between Albert Pick & Co. and L. Barth & Son.  Went bankrupt in 1933.

Pilgrim Silverplate

A trademark brand of the Friedman Silver Co. and later Gorham. The pictorial mark at the bottom left was first used in 1961.

Pix Acorn Brand

A trademark of Albert Pick & Co.

Plymouth Silver Plate

A trade name of International Silver.
See flatware patterns.

Poole, Roche & Co.

Taunton, MA 1893-1895
Succeeded by the Poole Silver Co.

Poole Silver Co.

Listed under Silversmiths.

Porter Britannia & Plate Co.

Taunton, MA  1859-c. 1871

Prestige Plate

A trademark of Home Decorators, a direct sales company.  Flatware was made by Oneida Silversmiths.
See flatware patterns.

Presto Cigarette Case Corp.

Listed under Silversmiths.

Primrose Plate

A trademark of Henry Birks & Sons, Ltd., Montreal, QU, Canada

Providence Silver Plate Co.

A trademark of the Aurora Silver Plate Co.

Pure Silver Plate

A trade name of Wallace Silversmiths.
See flatware patterns.

Puritan Silver Co. / Puritan Plate

Originally a trademark of Wm. A. Rogers, Ltd. which was later used by Oneida.
See flatware patterns.