Silverplate Marks

Taber to Tufts

Taber & Tibbits

Wallingford, CT  1919-1941
Founded by R.H. Taber and Charles H. Tibbits.  Succeeded by Silvercraft Co.

Taunton Britannia Mfg. Co.

Taunton, MA 1830-1837
Succeeded by Leonard, Reed & Barton.

Taunton Silver Plate Co.

Taunton, MA  c. 1872-c. 1880
See flatware patterns.

Taunton Silversmiths Ltd.

A division of Lenox introduced in 1974 and discontinued c. 1995.

Three Crowns Silversmiths

Pottstown, PA 1946-1965

Toothill & McBean Silver Co.

Kokomo, IN  1897-1899
Moved to Ottawa, IL, in 1899 and renamed the Ottawa Silver Co.

Toothill Silverware Co.

Newark, NJ c. 1895-1896
A division of the Seliger-Toothill Novelty Co.

Toronto Silver Plate Co.

Toronto, ON 1882-1929
Produced Holmes & Edwards flatware under license beginning c. 1885. Became a part of the Wm. A. Rogers Co. in 1914.
See flatware patterns.

John Torsleff

Boston, MA  1861-1863

Towle Silversmiths

Listed under Silversmiths.
See silverplate flatware patterns.

A.F. Towle & Son

Listed under Silversmiths.
See silverplate flatware patterns.


A trademark of Wallace Silversmiths.
See flatware patterns.

Tudor Plate

A trademark of Oneida.
See flatware patterns.

James W. Tufts

Boston, MA  c. 1875-1891/c. 1903
Succeeded by the American Soda Fountain Co. in 1891, who continued to produce goods with the James W. Tufts backstamp to c. 1903.
See flatware patterns.